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Direct connection with customers for GoCustom Clothing

DTG production capabilities accommodate both orders of 1,000-plus and single pieces.

11th October 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  United Kingdom


The UK’s GoCustom Clothing has installed a Kornit Avalanche HD6 system for on-demand, direct-to-garment (DTG) digtal production.

This coincides with the company’s implementation of the KornitX platform, which provides a streamlined end-to-end workflow between the brand’s online customer stores and its production floor.

A family-run print and embroidery services business founded in 1994, GoCustom Clothing initially prpvided workwear for local businesses before branching out to school hoodies and uniforms.

As its e-commerce business grew and orders became more diverse, the company decided to add DTG production capabilities, which could accommodate both orders of 1,000-plus pieces and single pieces. GoCustom originally invested in a Kornit Storm system for on-demand production, before upgrading to the Avalanche HD6 for increased capacity.

The Avalanche HD6 can digitally produce numerous apparel types without considerable setup time. Pallets can be changed quickly to handle different sizes and applications, compared to the costly and time-consuming processes associated with screen printing operations. In addition, digitising operations with KornitX means increased control and management of the end-to-end fulfillment process, from front-end steps including design, order management, and virtual catalog to smart routing of orders, production, packaging, and shipping.

“The Kornit Avalanche HD6 provided us the quality and definition we were looking for by producing extrememly fine detail on these full-colour prints,” said Tom Mason. © Kornit

“Kornit’s system is the best system we found, giving us the capability we need with its overall quality, speed, throughput and sustainability,” says Hamish Eccles, digital marketing director at GoCustom Clothing. “The KornitX workflow operating system allows us to connect directly with our customers and take small orders, which are then processed very simply. Through our Shopify application, if somebody is running a Shopify store, they can simply use our app and immediately design products directly within Shopify, which would then come through to our system via KornitX, where we would then print and ship the product.”

“The Kornit Avalanche HD6 provided us the quality and definition we were looking for by producing extrememly fine detail on these full-colour prints,” added Tom Mason, GoCustom Clothing’s sales director. “You can really push the limits in terms of volume with the machine, and can run jobs you just couldn’t do before.”

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