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Directa Plus and Alfredo Grassi to develop graphene-enhanced workwear

New range of high-performance technical textiles and workwear product lines to be created.

22nd June 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Lomazzo


The signing of the JDA follows detailed testing of Directa Plus’ graphene by Alfredo Grassi to assess the potential benefits that could be delivered by incorporating Directa Plus’ graphene into its products. Under the terms of the JDA, the companies will seek to market a range of technical textiles and garments containing the Company’s graphene-based products to the customers of Alfredo Grassi. 

“We are proud to be collaborating with Alfredo Grassi who have a successful track record of producing clothing that leverages their established heritage combined with the technological advances of their partners,” said Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus.

“This agreement represents a further expansion of our textile offering as our Graphene Plus (G+) will be utilised to enhance the performance of workwear and protective wear for law enforcement and military forces, which we believe represents a significant market opportunity. We look forward to working together to develop and market new product lines, based on our shared commitment to quality, innovation and environmental-sustainability, and to bringing them to the market.”

Initial focus

The initial focus under the JDA will be on garments with linings printed with Graphene Plus combined with waterproof, breathable textiles. The presence of G+ graphene, which has been independently certified as non-toxic and non-cytotoxic, is said to produce a technically-advanced fabric with unique properties. In particular, it is highly thermally conductive, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the heat produced by the human body in cold temperatures and a heat dispersion effect in hot temperatures, the company explains.

Similarly, it is able to rapidly dissipate antistatic charges. It also has a bacteriostatic effect whereby bacteria do not proliferate on the fabric. As a result, the garments will be ideally suited for activities where the dissipation of antistatic charges and heat management are required or for clinical environments, the manufacturer reports.

Ideal partner

“As a company that is continually looking for innovative materials, while paying attention to environmental sustainability, we have found an ideal partner in Directa Plus,” added Roberto Grassi, CEO of Alfredo Grassi.

“Together, we will seek to improve the level of comfort and protection offered by our products through the use of innovative fabrics made using graphene, and I am sure that we will continue to work on more projects together both in the workwear and the public administration sectors. I am convinced that the collaboration is a strategic milestone for us in terms of product innovation and also because we share the same corporate values, such as employee appreciation and recognition, attention to environmental issues and a common long-term vision on future markets.”

Alfredo Grassi manufactures and supplies customised technical fabric and garments for military, law enforcement, fire and safety and workwear applications, such as protective, waterproof and high visibility garments and uniforms. Founded in 1925, the company is headquartered in Italy with production and commercial facilities in Europe and North Africa.  


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