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Directa Plus and Colmar launch second graphene-enhanced sportswear collection

Unveiled at ISPO Munich, the new Technologic G+ ski jacket has been selected as a Gold Winner in the ‘Ski’ category at the event.

9th February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Lomazzo


Colmar, the high-end sportswear company, has launched a new collection of ski jackets containing the graphene-based products by Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets.

Unveiled at ISPO Munich, which concluded this week, the new Technologic G+ ski jacket has also been selected as a Gold Winner in the Ski category at the event. This is the second Colmar collection to contain Graphene Plus (G+) and follows the ski-suit of the first capsule collection being worn by the French national ski team for multiple successful tournaments.

Colmar Technologic G+ ski jacket. © Directa Plus

“Following the sporting and commercial success of the first Colmar collection enhanced by our Graphene Plus, the launch of this new range of ski jackets validates the strengths of our solutions and our ability to work with our customers to ensure that the incorporation of our graphene-based products enables them to improve and differentiate their end products,” commented Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus.

New collection

The new collection consists of three ski jackets that have been designed by enhancing some of Colmar’s most successful ski jacket styles, reflecting Colmar’s established fashion heritage, with the inclusion of Directa Plus’ G+ graphene technology.

According to the company, its ability to supply tailor-made graphene-based products has enabled the incorporation of G+ with different textiles in each jacket based on the requirement of the particular garment:

  • the Technologic G+ jacket, based on the classic 1990s design, is padded with wadding printed with G+
  • the Bormio G+ jacket, based on a design originally created for the 1985 Ski World Cup in Bormio, has an outer shell made with a membrane containing G+
  • the Guaina Zeno G+ jacket, based on a design created for the Italian ski champion Zeno Colò in the 1950s, has a G+ lining

Key benefits

The key benefit of incorporating G+ is that it enables the fabric to act as a filter between the body and the external environment, thereby ensuring the ideal temperature for the wearer, the manufacturer explains. Due to the thermal conductive properties of graphene, the warmth produced by the human body is preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates, yet dispersed in warm climates, and allows an even body temperature during physical activity.

Colmar Technologic G+ ski jacket. © Directa Plus

Fabrics treated with Graphene Plus are also said to be electrostatic and bacteriostatic. If placed on the outside of the garment, such as with the ski suit worn by the French national ski team, G+ reduces the friction with air and water to enable top sporting performance, the company reports.

In addition, Directa Plus’ production process is chemical-free and its graphene-based products have been independently certified as non-toxic and non-cytotoxic.

Gold Winner

In recognition of these strengths, the Technologic G+ jacket was selected as a Gold Winner in the Ski category at ISPO Munich, an international multi-segment exhibition for sports businesses, which each year honours exceptional sporting goods.

A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries – also from non-exhibitors – following clearly defined criteria.

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