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13th February 2017, Lomazzo

Directa Plus and Eurojersey develop graphene-enhanced textiles

Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, has for the first time worked together with Eurojersey, an Italian of high quality warp-knit technical fabrics under its Sensitive Fabrics brand, to produce a range of fabrics containing the company’s graphene-based products.

Unveiled by Eurojersey at ISPO Munich, the companies are now conducting joint R&D to further develop the prototype textiles into product samples that will be marketed to the customers of Directa Plus and Eurojersey.

Sensitive jacket with G+. © Directa Plus/Eurojersey

“We are delighted to be working with Eurojersey and their Sensitive Fabrics brand with whom we share a commitment to quality, innovation and environmental-sustainability, and we are excited to further develop our joint products and look forward to bringing them to the market,” said Giulio Cesareo, Chief Executive Officer of Directa Plus.

“This collaboration with Eurojersey marks another milestone for Directa Plus as we expand our textile offering and, alongside the successful launch at ISPO of the second Colmar collection enhanced by our Graphene Plus (G+), reflects the increasing interest that we are receiving in our tailor-made solutions that can significantly improve clothing performance.”

Grafytherm functional membranes

The lamination of Sensitive Fabrics with Grafytherm functional membranes containing G+, distributed exclusively by Directa Textile Solutions, produces a technologically advanced fabric with unique thermal features: the presence of G+ graphene, which is highly thermally conductive, is said to allow a homogeneous distribution of the heat produced by the human body in cold weather and a heat dispersion effect in hot weather.

Sensitive Fabrics with Grafytherm functional membranes containing G+. © Directa Plus/Eurojersey

The result is an ideal thermal comfort level for every wearer, in any situation, which has not been accomplished with any other material, the company reports.

Ideal for sportswear

The first R&D samples of these innovative technical textiles were presented by Eurojersey at ISPO, the sport and sportswear international trade fair held in Munich. According to the manufacturer, they are characterised, in addition to the thermal features, by high elasticity and a high grade of breathability, waterproofness and windproofness.

As a result, they are ideal for sporting activities – ensuring comfort and freedom in any weather condition, the company reports. “These fabrics are ideal for outfits that pair functionality and aesthetics thanks to the ultrathin layers, the raw-cut edges, and their resistance to pilling and to shrinkage. We believe that these qualities will attract the attention of brands that especially focus on innovation and performance,” said Andrea Crespi, General Manager of Eurojersey.


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  • Mrs. Saima Saeed 28th February 2017 8:31AM

    Hi Sir/ Madam What is the procedure to apply this film on denim fabric? Regards' Saima Saeed