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10th August 2018, Mason, OH

Downlite introduces new ClimaSMART thermoregulating down

Downlite is a leading down and feather processor and supplier of responsibly-sourced performance fills to the outdoor, home furnishings and hospitality markets.Extending its comfort range of apparel and sleep products, Downlite, a leading down and feather processor and supplier of responsibly-sourced performance fills to the outdoor, home furnishings and hospitality markets, has developed a new performance category of thermoregulating down called ClimaSMART.

Downlite has partnered with performance enhancing materials technology company, Cocona, to introduce its first ClimaSMART offering, a 37.5 down blend, which is an intimate mix of down and polyester fibre permanently embedded with naturally derived 37.5 active particles. The 37.5 particles attract and release moisture vapor the body produces when it heats up, and then uses infrared energy the body creates to drive excess moisture out, the company explains.

“We are very pleased with the performance-enhancing benefits 37.5 Technology brings to down, said Chad Altbaier, VP Downlite Outdoor. “37.5 down blend manages excess heat and moisture more efficiently than down alone while still retaining the beautiful feel, loft and insulating properties of natural down. In addition, it dries 40 percent faster than natural down alone.”

According to the manufacturer, 37.5 Technology is proven to help the body manage core temperature and increase stamina. According to third-party studies at Inside Climate Munich, 37.5 Technology can reduce the Heat Index – a primary measurement of the discomfort felt as a result of temperature and humidity next to your skin – in the microclimate by 8°C to provide optimum comfort levels in a wider range of environments and activity levels.

 “The benefits of ClimaSMART powered by 37.5 Technology are enormous for the home and hospitality markets,” said Brian Parnes, CMO Downlite. “This technology brings a new level of superior comfort to help our mission of helping people sleep well at night.”

“Cocona is delighted to have Downlite as a partner to launch down products featuring 37.5 Technology in to the outdoor apparel and bedding markets,” said Jeff Bowman, Cocona CEO. “Innovation, product quality and supply chain excellence are the most important attributes we look for in our customers, and we could not ask for a better company to work with than Downlite in that regard.”

ClimaSMART powered by 37.5 is available in either white or grey duck and goose down in multiple fill powers, and with RDS certification. Downlite will present ClimaSMART powered by 37.5 among its other down offerings at the Home Fashions Market in New York City, from 24-27 September.


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