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Dragon Silk delivered to medical firm

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has delivered the first Dragon Silk fibres to a medical equipment firm for performance and application suitability testing.

22nd August 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Ann Arbor, MI


The company is dedicating its current Dragon Silk production to fulfilling its recently exercised US Army contract. But in recognition of the number of sample requests that the company received and due to this healthcare firm’s extensive expertise in medical technology development and innovation, the company decided to supply a small amount of fibres, to be tested for strength, elasticity, and other properties.

“It seems like we learn about amazing new potential spider silk medical breakthroughs on a near weekly basis, so we believe that medical technologies will be a very important space for Kraig’s future,” said CEO and Founder Kim Thompson. 

“As the promise of our fibres becomes increasingly evident, the tests will allow engineers and product designers to understand our fibres’ unique properties, work to define specific opportunities, and accelerate future fibre innovation.”

“It’s important to note that much of this research is for a commonplace application and it’s in very early stages, yet we hope that the tests help in guiding us in building the blueprint for future fibre designs,” stated Jon Rice, COO.  “Based upon the initial evaluation of the fibres we are already working to modify the properties of the finished threads for these applications.”

The company received a US Army contract worth of up to US$ 1 million, for the development of high performance fibres for protective apparel applications in July 2016. Under the fully funded base effort, the company will deliver ballistic shoot packs constructed from its proprietary Dragon Silk material for performance testing.

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