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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

17th April 2020, Rochester, NY

GreenShield evaluates efficacy of products in coronavirus fight

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The GreenShield Company, a division of BigSky Technologies LLC, is responding to the global Coronavirus pandemic with concern and hope for those being impacted by the disease. GreenShield says is taking this opportunity to evaluate its products effectiveness in reducing the ability of the coronavirus to contaminate and transmit on different surfaces.

“The small amount of fluorochemical used in the GreenShield finish provides a surface that repels oil- based materials, such as viruses, like COVID-19, which has an oily lipid outer layer.  The lipid layer is essentially a fatty envelope that holds the virus,” the Rochester based company said in a press statement.

“This envelope is what appears to be the Achille’s heel of the virus, as breaking this layer causes the whole virus to fall apart.  When coming into contact with materials treated with GreenShield, these viruses do not adhere to the surface but rather roll off of the surface structure,” Greenshield explains. 

“The nano-particle technology of the GreenShield finish has 5-10 times lower fluorochemical compared to other finishes in the marketplace that use higher levels of fluorine to meet and achieve industry standards.”

“The little bit of fluorochemical-based GreenShield C6XL goes a long way towards clean, safe surfaces on furniture and wall coverings”, said Dr Cathy Fleischer, Managing Partner and co-founder of BigSky Technologies.  

“In the crisis that we are dealing with, GreenShield treated materials are easy to clean, reduce their impact on the environment, and increase health and safety”, said Dr Fleischer.

GreenShield can be used on many materials, including polyester, cotton, nylon, and solution dyed fibres (for cleaning with diluted bleach), according to the company  It is said to be recyclable and can contribute to LEED for Healthcare credit for furniture and medical furnishings and makes it easier to select furniture and materials that meet the Healthier Hospital Initiative.  


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