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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

5th September 2019, Kelheim

Märkische Faser cooperates with Kelheim Fibres

Kelheim Fibres viscose speciality fibres. © Kelheim Fibres

Kelheim Fibres viscose speciality fibres. © Kelheim Fibres

The two German speciality manufacturers Märkische Faser and Kelheim Fibres have announced their cooperation. Under the motto Clean Colour Concept, the two renowned fibre producers offer spun dyed fibres in polyester and viscose in a coordinated range of colours.

Spun dyed fibres have always been an important part of the range of products both of Märkische Faser and of Kelheim. Here, colour pigments are incorporated in the spinning mass before the spinning process and are therefore homogenously distributed in the whole fibre.

“These fibres – and the final product – offer a particularly high colour and light fastness. The colours do not bleed during washing and they keep their brilliance even after many washing cycles,” the companies explain.

“In contrast to a conventional dyeing process, the colours can be reproduced exactly. Besides the usually lower production costs and a shorter throughput time, this is one of the main advantages for the further processing chain.”

The environment is said to be the main beneficiary of the new concept. The addition of colour directly into the spinning mass is designed to save up to 50% of colour pigments. “Further chemicals, energy and above all an enormous amount of wastewater from a conventional dyeing process are completely omitted thanks to this technology,” it is reported.

Textiles made from a blend of spun dyed polyester and viscose fibres combine the advantages of both fibres: they are easy-care and dimensionally stable yet feel pleasantly soft on the skin and offer high wearer comfort. They are suited for all applications that need large quantities of fabric of a precisely defined shade and that must deliver comfort and wear qualities. These, for example, include professional clothing or uniforms, as well as furnishing or upholstery fabrics.



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