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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

2nd July 2020, Latham, NY

PrimaLoft and Fiberpartner announce new global license agreement

© PrimaLoft.© PrimaLoft.

PrimaLoft, a leader in advanced material technology, has announced a new partnership agreement with Fiberpartner, a global supplier of staple fibres, technical yarns and plastics. The new agreement allows for Fiberpartner to develop the use of Primaloft’s ground-breaking PrimaLoft Bio technology in multiple industries.

Fiberpartner CEO, Thomas Wittrup comments: “We see an increasing demand for biodegradable polyester and consider PrimaLoft's technology to be a game-changer. The staple fibres produced with PrimaLoft Bio from Fiberpartner will be developed to supplement regular polyester fibre for use in a variety of applications. Together, we can begin the journey towards a more sustainable world.”

PrimaLoft Bio is made from biodegradable, 100% recycled fibres that break down when exposed to specific environments – such as landfills, oceans and wastewater systems.

“PrimaLoft Bio enhances fibres to be more attractive to naturally-occurring microbes found in these environments; in so doing, fibres are broken down at a faster rate, returning polyester to natural elements. These fibres maintain their structure throughout use, only biodegrading when exposed to the naturally-occurring microorganisms found in landfills or marine environments,” PrimaLoft explains.

Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft adds: “PrimaLoft Bio is an important step forward in providing sustainable solutions for microfiber pollution, throughout the entire life-cycle of a product.  We are excited to begin this relationship with Fiberpartner and to bring this responsible technology to a multitude of industries.”


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