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12th February 2018, Zele

Drylock sets foot in Brazil

Drylock is specialised in the supply of private label in baby diaper, feminine care and adult incontinence to retailers and distributors. Drylock Technologies, headquartered in Zele, Belgium, has agreed to simultaneously acquire two competing Brazilian personal care companies, Mardam and Capricho. Both Mardam and Capricho have their headquarters and operations in the São Paulo region of Brazil – the largest metropolitan consumer market of Latin America.

The management teams of Mardam and Capricho will jointly manage and expand the combined business under the Drylock name, and where Drylock will be the 100% shareholder of the new Brazilian companies.

“It is great to join forces with the two families of Mardam and Capricho, to have the opportunity to bring Drylock innovation and passion for the customer to Brazil as well as the broader Latin American market in support of expanding Drylock’s global footprint as an innovative leading global player in the personal care industry,” commented Bart Van Malderen, CEO and Chairman of Drylock Technologies.

Natural next step

Brazil is the world’s fourth largest baby care market with annualised baby diaper and pant sales of EUR 1.7 billion. The Brazilian adult care market is currently EUR 450 million. Drylock Brazil will have combined annualised sales of EUR 100 million and will represent 7% market share in the baby segment and 8% market share in the adult care segment, the company explains.

Both Mardam and Capricho have demonstrated sustained growth in the Brazilian retail market primarily driven behind their own company brands, as well as private label initiatives within the South East of Brazil. Operationally both Mardam and Capricho have well invested production sites, whilst both running as family owned companies. Drylock will continue this tradition of both Mardam and Capricho, but will bring a new innovation and category expansion agenda to the Brazilian market and the brands and customers of Drylock Brazil.

Drylock currently has sales in both the baby and adult category in all major South American markets and sees the acquisition of two major local Brazilian companies as a natural next step for the company’s development. Given the strong presence of modern retail formats in both Brazil and Latin America, and the long-term growth potential of private label within the personal care segment across the region, Drylock sees Latin America as an important part of the company growth strategy.

Exciting opportunity

“Working with both Drylock and Capricho now creates a new long-term player in the Brazilian personal care market – this is good news for our customers who we will be able to serve even better than before with innovation developments and range expansions. This is very exciting for our customers, and our employees,” said Bruno Dametto, on behalf of Mardam.

Dirceu Forti Filho, of Capricho, said: “The opportunity is great for both Capricho and Mardam - building a stronger team to compete in the market whilst making use of the Drylock passion to innovate for our customers both with our current branded platforms as well as private label.”

Drylock Technologies

Drylock Technologies plans consolidated revenues for 2018 of more than EUR 400 million. Drylock employs, post-acquisition, over 2,000 people and has its headquarters in Zele, Belgium, and production sites in Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, USA, and now Brazil.

Drylock is specialised in the supply of private label in baby diaper, feminine care and adult incontinence to retailers and distributors. Drylock’s baby brand is Magics, femcare brand are Vivi and Ciao Lady, and adult brands are Dailee and Presto.


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