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DuPont Sorona becomes bluesign system partner

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has announced its partnership with bluesign for the bio-based, high-performance polymer Sorona.

24th July 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wilmington, DE

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has announced its partnership with bluesign for the bio-based, high-performance polymer Sorona. The bluesign system unites the textiles supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment, ensure responsible use of resources, and guarantee the highest level of consumer safety.

DuPont Sorona is a polymer comprised of 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, using 30% less energy and releasing 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions as compared to Nylon 6, according to the manufacturer.

In addition to reducing its reliance on fossil fuels, Sorona polymer combines eco-efficiency with function for use in a variety of applications due to its performance attributes. Its softness, inherent stain resistance and durability offer a sustainable, high-performing material option for customers throughout the supply chain.


As a bluesign system partner, DuPont Sorona brand joins a growing collection of chemical suppliers, manufacturers and brands that are responsible acting parties of the textile value chain. The partners are committed to applying the system in their business through continuous improvement of environmental performance and a focus on a sustainable future.

“This recognition from bluesign as a verifier and supporting partner of the responsible industry underscores the commitment of Sorona brand to embracing sustainability and minimizing environmental impact in the long term,” said Rene Molina, global product manager for DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

“With Sorona polymer, we’re not only providing customers with an eco-efficient, practical materials solution, but also laying the groundwork for a sustainable textile future – and this certification truly reinforces our mission.”


To qualify for the bluesign system partnership, DuPont Sorona brand completed a comprehensive company assessment and roadmap meeting – demonstrating its merit for the certification of its products.

“Our unique Input Stream Management approach ensures approved chemicals and raw materials, such as DuPont Sorona polymer, are used in all steps of the manufacturing processes to reduce risks to both people and the environment at the very beginning of the supply chain,” said Kurt Schlaepfer, head, Customer Relations Management at bluesign technologies.

“Sustainable chemical and material inputs are the foundation for the bluesign system, driving a socially and environmentally responsible value chain within the textile industry, and the natural origins of DuPont Sorona polymer adeptly align with the bluesign criteria.”

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