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Americhem to present mBrace softening additives for nonwovens producers at IDEA 2016

The new range of products offers a span of use rates, processing options and degrees of softness for nonwovens producers.

25th April 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Industrial, Medical/Hygiene, Clothing/​Footwear

“Our product offerings in the mBrace line can be divided into two groups,” said Kam Lui, PhD, nonwovens development specialist for Americhem.

“The first group allows you to vary softness levels and deliver additional functionality, such as antistatic and hydrophilic, at higher use levels. The second group allows the user to deliver a soft touch without impacting other material properties.”

Softness properties

The mBrace line has evolved since its introduction in 2013. Nonwovens producers have long sought added softness for their materials, particularly in applications that will have human skin contact, the company reports. Americhem developed mBrace in response to this demand, and the current range of options has emerged to suit the many different end uses in the market today.

“Our original mBrace offering allows you to alter the level of softness by the amount of the additive used,” commented Lui. “For the best softness properties, we recommend a use rate of one to three percent. When used at four to five percent, the manufacturer can impart antistatic properties, as well as hydrophilicity, in addition to a soft feel.”

Added flexibility

The second group of mBrace products are based on a widely accepted industry technology. Concentration level of the additive within the masterbatch, as well as target use rate can be customized to fit a customer’s specific requirements. This added flexibility is said to help ensure that the optimum softness is achieved while eliminating any impact to processing conditions.

“Since mBrace is now a family of products, the portfolio offers increased flexibility to tailor the additive product to meet our customers’ needs,” stated Rob Clayton, segment director for nonwovens.

“If the customer values certain properties over others or even if they are trying to achieve multiple functionalities out of one masterbatch, Americhem’s innovative solutions can provide them with exactly what they need.”

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