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Boosting precision finishing at Pincroft

TexCoat G4 system significantly reduces the time required in a stenter

3rd June 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Adlington, United Kingdom

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Since installing Baldwin’s TexCoat G4 system in September 2022, UK-based Pincroft has reduced its finishing chemistry consumption by 20%, with no waste or colour changeovers and no need for periodic pad renewals. It has also reduced water consumption by 50% as a result of increased chemistry concentration enabled by precision spray technology. Additionally, with TexCoat G4, productivity has increased by 50%, due to lower wet pick up, allowing for a significantly higher line speed.

Pincroft offers a wide range of technical finishes including flame-retardant treatments, anti-mosquito solutions and durable water repellents. As a provider of finishing solutions for workwear and military fabrics, the company holds itself to the highest quality expectations and compliance standards, ensuring that its products deliver superior performance in the most challenging environments.

By significantly reducing time needed in the stenter, the TexCoat G4 system uses just 10% of the energy required by the traditional pad finishing process.

TexCoat’s precision spray application system replaces the age-old “dip and squeeze” method to evenly apply water or chemistries to one or both sides of a moving web roll of fabric or other material, using an application system that spans the width of the web with evenly spaced spray nozzles. This non-contact method of applying liquids to surfaces is highly efficient because the minimum required amount of water or chemistries can be used.

Texcoat G4 can be utilised for a number of fabric finishes that include vector protection (permethrin), antimicrobial, crease resistance, water repellency, stain and soil release and flame retardancy. It also enables single and double-sided finishing for fabrics in demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, home furnishings, oil and gas, mining and utilities.

“The acquisition of this new precision spray technology represents our commitment to the environment, customers and to the investment in our facilities to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies the market has to offer,” says Ian Rawcliffe, Pincroft’s technical manager. “With the use of the TexCoat G4, customers can rest assured their fabrics are being finished to the highest of standards while decreasing their impact on the environment.”

“I worked with Ian and Pincroft for many years prior to joining Baldwin,” adds Rick Stanford, Baldwin’s VP of global business development. “Pincroft its known to seek out the latest in cutting edge technology and the evaluation and implementation of TexCoat G4 was no different. We are pleased that Pincroft puts its trust in us to assist in lowering carbon footprint while meeting the performance requirements of its most demanding clients.”

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