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China’s D&Y Group gets acceptance on new textile technologies

Both projects, aimed to fill the existing gaps in the market, have been accomplished by DAIYIN Textile and Garment Group Shandong.

14th August 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai

Medical/Hygiene, Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial, Protective

China Technical Textile Watch by Oliver Haiqing Hua

An appraisal committee of nine well-known domestic textile experts led by the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Yao Mu, has performed an identification acceptance on two scientific and technological achievements.

Denim Fabric Paint Environmental Friendly Dyeing Technology Research and Application project and The Development of Anti Bacteria Textiles for the Vehicle Interiors project have been accomplished by DAIYIN Textile and Garment Group Shandong (D & Y Group).

Denim dyeing technology

The first project was tested by Shandong Quality Inspection Checkout and Test Center of Textiles and  the quality indicators have met the industry FZ/T 13001-2013 dyed yarn denim standard grade technical requirements. The combination of denim paints and dyes dyeing technology has filled the domestic blank in China and reached the international advanced level.

The project integrated the fusion of the paint staining technology with the existing indigo, sulphur dyeing, and proposed three technology routes in shaping machine, including grey denim pigment dyeing, traditional indigo with sulphide denim padding paint colour, and the base registered yarn coating in the slurry dyeing combination machine.

The production technology has a short flow that can adapt to a variety of denim washing processes. The project used pigment dyeing techniques that enriched the denim fabric staining method, overcame the shortcomings of traditional single colour dyeing method, reduced the discharge of sewage water during the dyeing and washing process, and achieved energy-saving, emission reduction, as well as clean production.

Anti bacterial textiles

The second project was tested by Shandong Quality Inspection Checkout and Test Center of Textiles and the quality indicators have reached the industry standard FZ/T 12028-2012 requirements. The antibacterial performance indicators have reached the national standard GB/T 20944.3-2008 technical requirements. The development of vehicle interior fabrics with the combination of filament and staple fibres composite spinning technology and spinning colouring process has filled the domestic blank of antibacterial textiles and the technology has reached the leading domestic level.

The project has adapted short fibre wrapped composite spinning production technology and has  achieved the application of low proportion silver ion anti-bacterial fibre in automotive interior fabrics. The colour spinning technique it applied has avoided injury to the antibacterial fibre in the process of the fabric alkaline treatment thus ensuring the antibacterial effect of the finished product.

The filament staple composite yarn was introduced into woven fabrics and warp knitted fabrics and broadened the use of yarn and provided a new product of high-grade function for automotive interiors fabrics. The project technology is mature and stable and the production process is short with low cost.

D & Y Group

D & Y Group is a collection of textiles, clothing, import and export trade, transnational production and operation in one large enterprise, with 500,000 spindles, 10,000 air spinning, 2,000 looms, 3500 (sets) sewing equipment production scale, advanced equipment and strong technical force.

The Group consists of excellent private enterprises in Shandong Province, China. It reported sales revenue of 3 billion Yuan, profits of 260 million Yuan and total export-import volume worth $ 200 million in 2013.

D & Y Group:

Shandong Quality Inspection Checkout and Test Center of Textiles:


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Mr. Hua previously worked for the former Ministry of Equipment & Materials and the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China from 1984 to 1997. His role included reporting on the market, raw materials, production, logistics, finance, management dynamics, as well as the analysis related to all the upstream and downstream aspects in the industry supply chain.

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