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Kornit and threeASFOUR in New York

Collection showcases the power of a digital-first approach for fashion.

10th September 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  New York


The Kundalini collection, which is currently premiering at New York Fashion Week, represents a collaboration between fashion design house threeASFOUR and digital printing leader Kornit Digital.

Founded in 2005, threeASFOUR has built a legacy of fusing new technology with traditional craftsmanship to create pieces that are both fashion and art.

The intricate designs in the Kundalini collection unlock the full value of Kornit’s technology and showcase the power of a digital-first approach for fashion. The entire collection was produced using Kornit’s MAX technology, which offers unprecedented digital decoration and design capabilities.

Using Kornit technologies enabled the designers to shrink design cycles to days – or even hours in some cases – which is inconceivable in the traditional ways of producing fashion.

© Kornit

“Collaborating with top global designers like threeASFOUR demonstrates that fashion production can be cleaner and more sustainable, while also being efficient and more responsive to inspiration and creativity,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital CEO. “Following the massive success of Tel Aviv Fashion Week, we are now creating exhibits and partnerships in New York, Los Angeles. London, and other global fashion hubs that need to adopt eco-conscious digital means of production. This collaboration with threeASFOUR is another step in our journey to become the operating system for on-demand sustainable, proximity fashion.”

© Kornit

“We’ve built our brand on pushing boundaries, advancing social progress, and uniting fashion with nature and with self, while experimenting with technological innovations,” said Adi Gil, creative director at threeASFOUR. “Our vision for more sustainable and meaningful fashion unites us with Kornit Digital, whose technologies seem to have been designed from the ground up to help us achieve our goals.”

Kornit Digital’s on-demand production uses considerably less water and energy and generates far less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional analog production processes. As the cornerstone of an efficient micro-factory production model, it uses safe and sustainable consumables to enable proximity production, eliminating the logistical waste, vulnerability, and time to market associated with multinational supply chains.

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