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Microban receives bluesign approval for ZPTech antimicrobial technology

ZPTech technology is said to be effective not only against bacteria, but also against the growth of fungi, including mould, mildew and algae.

18th May 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Huntersville, NC

Sustainable, Medical/Hygiene, Clothing/​Footwear

Microban’s ZPTech technology is said to be effective not only against bacteria, but also against the growth of fungi, including mould, mildew and algae. It is used by more than 60 leading sports, athleisure, apparel and footwear brands, the company reports. 

“We are focused on providing our brand partners with technologies and solutions that are sustainable and safe, and providing consumers with products they can trust for everyday life,” said Lisa Owen, senior business director, global textiles for Microban. “We worked hard to achieve this approval, reinforcing our commitment to meeting environmental, health and safety requirements throughout the textile supply chain.”

bluesign system partnership

Through its bluesign system partnership, Microban is working towards achieving the highest industry standards in conserving valuable resources, minimizing environmental impacts and furthering brand and mill customer sustainability.

Microban is committed to obtaining bluesign approval for its textile portfolio including Aegis, Excalibur, Scentry and SilverShield. The company has been a bluesign system partner since 2014.

bluesign system unites partners in the textile industry worldwide through managing natural resources responsibly, reducing water and air emissions, improving waste water treatment and generally reducing its ecological footprint. 

Microban Ӭ

Microban International is a technology company dedicated to enhancing high quality consumer, textile products, with branded odour control solutions and prevention and protection from microbes. Mixed in during the manufacturing process, Microban additive formulas are engineered and tested based on a product’s environment, usage and useful lifetime.

Its antimicrobial textile protection technologies are developed to help brands provide best in class odour solutions, improving durability and freshness in the most difficult conditions. Microban’s textile technologies are designed for lifestyle and fashion brands.

Its technologies include Aegis, an antimicrobial microbe shield, Excalibur, an antimicrobial and odour absorbing solution, Scentry, an odour capture product, SilverShield, a silver based antimicrobial that provides protection against a wide range of microbes and ZPTech, a wide-spectrum antimicrobial.

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