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New company to promote innovation in textile printing and finishing

Imprima aims to establish itself as a preferred partner for brands and retailers in the world of fashion.

3rd February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan

Clothing/​Footwear, Interiors, Industrial

Imprima S.p.a., a new holding company dedicated entirely to textile finishing, has been funded by a pool of financial investors led by the Italian Private Equity Fund Wisequity IV, through the acquisition of 100% of the German KBC and the Italian Guarisco.

Thanks to the creative heritage of the brands acquired through new holding Imprima, clean and smart manufacturing, proximity to markets, high quality, and sustainability, Imprima aims to establish itself as a preferred partner for brands and retailers in the world of fashion.

Wise SGR, a private equity fund management company, which manages Imprima, is preparing for new acquisitions in Italy and abroad. According to the firm, the company’s business model will be centred on the concept of sustainability understood as financial, industrial, social, and environmental sustainability.

International outlook

Thanks to the acquisition of 100% of the German finishing and textile printing company KBC and 100% the Italian company Guariscio by Wise SGR, Imprima is enriched by an international outlook that makes it extremely competitive in the market, which will be reinforced in the coming months with additional acquisitions.

"We started with two milestones in the industry: KBC, a company with more than two and a half centuries of history that is characterized by a refined and distinctive design and creative heritage and positioning, and Guarisco, an Italian family company, dynamic, young, known for design that rapidly transposes the fashion factor to bring it to the world of fast fashion", said co-CEO of Imprima, Paolo Gramaglia.


Over EUR 30 million are planned for investments in technology and an acquisitions programme that continues to this day. "We are working to finalise other top level acquisitions in Italy and abroad", added co-CEO of Imprima Chiaretto Calò.

“There are industrial solutions but their adoption on a global scale requires volumes, capital, human resources and management that is in an advanced stage of the necessary learning curve: all elements that we have collected at Imprima and its subsidiaries.”

The textile printing industry today is worth about 20 billion linear metres, and is growing at a compound annual rate of 2.5%. The digital component of this sector, which today represents only 3-4%, continues to grow at a rate of 20% per year and is expected to reach 2 billion metres by 2020.


Leading the new company will be Paolo Gramaglia and Chiaretto Calò, who share the role of co-CEO of the Imprima group, assisted by Vice President Gianluca Boni and CFO Giovanni Lorato. The management will act in coordination with Valentina Franceschini, Partner of Wise SGR and President of IMPRIMA, and Luca Boni, Director Wise SGR.

The entrepreneur Marco Guarisco and associate Andrea Moretti will remain in all operational effects in their current positions. The CEO of KBC Henri Rowienski will also continue to lead the German company.

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