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RadiciGroup to present Radyarn and Starlight yarn ranges at Heimtextil 2016

At Heimtextil, RadiciGroup is focusing on its lines of flame retardant and bacteriostatic yarns, solution-dyed yarns and ANTIMONY FREE polyester yarn.

12th January 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Frankfurt

Interiors, Sustainable

RadiciGroup, a leading European producer of a vast range of polyester yarn, will showcase its Radyarn and Starlight yarn ranges developed by RadiciGroup companies Noyfil SpA and Noyfil SA at the Heimtextil trade fair for home and contract textiles that starts this week in Frankfurt.

The two manufacturers rank among the leading European producers of polyester yarn and boast a long tradition of excellence in the field, the Group reports.

At Heimtextil, RadiciGroup is focusing on its lines of flame retardant and bacteriostatic yarns, solution-dyed yarns – both conventional and made of recycled materials – and ANTIMONY FREE polyester yarn, available in raw and solution-dyed versions.

Textile furnishings and contract applications

Featuring embedded flame-retardant properties, these RadiciGroup continuous polyester yarns are said to be ideal for the indoor and outdoor textile furnishings and contract sectors. Radyarn and Starlight FR are available in solution-dyed, bacteriostatic and/or UV-stabilized versions and are said to endow fabrics with great performance, safety, functionality, softness and breathability.

Radyarn and Starlight FR are presented as part of the FR Total Care initiative, a collaborative project involving a group of manufacturers in the synthetic fibres industry, including Noyfil SA and Noyfil SpA from RadiciGroup.

The team members have pooled their know-how and expertise in the pursuit of a well-defined objective: to bring to the market the best flame retardant solutions in a complete range of high performance FR products and services that combine functionality, safety, customizability and efficiency in terms of cost and sustainability.

Hygienic fabrics

These RadiciGroup polyester yarns are manufactured with a micro-structured silver-ion additive that endows the yarn with bacteriostatic properties to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in the fabric, the manufacturer reports.

The silver ions are incorporated directly into the fibre during the extrusion stage and are distributed throughout the yarn, giving Radyarn and Starlight bacteriostatic lasting bacteriostatic effectiveness (over time and even after many washes).

Solution dyeing

In Frankfurt, RadiciGroup focuses once again on sustainability as an active process involving people, methodology, continual improvement and concrete action, such as the development of products using renewable source energy, recycled raw materials, biopolymers obtained from renewable natural materials, and dyeing processes that help save precious resources like water and energy.

Solution dyeing is a one-step process in which colour masterbatch is added to the polymer melt during the extrusion phase of fibre manufacturing and becomes an integral part of the polymer matrix. This technology is said to allow for considerable savings of water and energy compared to traditional post-dyeing and finishing methods.

Post-consumer recycling

r-Radyarn and r-Starlight yarns made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles are the result of a multi-stage process – from post-consumer bottle collection to reprocessing and yarn production – all taking place in Europe and monitored at every step.

The yarns are tangibly sustainable products in that they are said to valorise waste, cut down on plastics disposal, raise awareness of separate waste collection, decrease energy consumption during the manufacturing process with a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions, and avoid excessive use of water when solution dyed.

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