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Textil Santanderina launches Advanced Black denim collection

Fabric is based on Archroma’s eco-advanced Diresul Evolution Black sulphur dyestuff.

13th September 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Pratteln, Switzerland


Textil Santanderina, an innovator known globally for the manufacture of quality fabrics with controlled traceability, has launched its Advanced Black denim collection in collaboration with Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals for sustainable solutions.

The Advanced Black collection by Textil Santanderina uses Archroma’s new Diresul Evolution Black LIQ dyestuff to produce on-trend authentic black denim apparel with sustainability and resource savings. In addition to allowing fashion and apparel brands to choose eco-friendlier alternatives that demonstrate their commitment to protecting people and planet, Textil Santanderina’s new Advanced Black denim range also offers unique shade and wash-down effects for heightened consumer appeal.

Based on cutting-edge synthesis technology developed by Archroma, Diresul Evolution Black LIQ delivers an overall impact reduction to 57%, measuring its effect on human health, ecosystems and resources compared to standard Sulfur Black 1 liquid. Unlike traditional synthesis processes, it does not produce any ammonia, sodium salts waste or liquid effluents, and water consumption in the synthesis process is reduced by 73% for massive savings. The new DIRESUL dyestuff, when adopted with the full Archroma coloration system, delivers a new black colour with on-tone wash-down effect and cleaner effluent at the mill.

“For more than a century, the traditional Sulfur Black 1 synthesis process consumed substantial water and energy resources and produced unwanted effluents and residues. With the Diresul Evolution Black LIQ, Archroma is rewriting the future of denim for market leaders like Textil Santanderina that want to produce more sustainable collections with high-value aesthetics and top fabric quality,” Umberto De Vita, Director, Denim Market Segment, Textile Effects Division, Archroma, said.

“With a commitment to quality, traceability and innovation, Textil Santanderina develops responsible textile solutions that meet real needs of customers and consumers. We are delighted to collaborate with Archroma once again to help our brand customers stand out in their markets with new and innovative denim looks and premium quality fabric based on a cleaner coloration system for outstanding resource savings,” Sr Ramón Ríos Quintana, Fashion General Manager, Textil Santanderina, S.A., said.

Textil Santanderina and Archroma previously collaborated to produce Textil Santanderina’s aniline-free indigo denim collection with the use of Denisol Pure Indigo.

Evolution of sulphur dyestuffs

Sulphur dyes are the most commonly used dyes for colour denim, with Sulphur Black 1 dominating the market. Traditional sulphur dyes are being phased out worldwide due to the toxicity of the dyeing process and wastewater contamination that are difficult to treat.

Archroma says it has led the evolution of sulphur dyeing since 1980, when it introduced its low-sulphide Diresul RDT range. Subsequent innovations have included the eco-advanced Pad-Ox dyeing process, the innovative plant-based EarthColors sulphur dyestuffs range and the new FiberColors range of sulphur dyestuffs based on textile waste.

Diresul Evolution Black LIQ is manufactured in Spain at a state-of-the-art production facility near Barcelona, where Archroma produces best-in-class sulphur dyestuffs for mills and brands in Europe and global markets.

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