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Dyneema from circular ethylene

Mixed plastic waste as feedstock for HMPE fibres.

19th July 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Netherlands


Sabic and Royal DSM have announced a collaboration to create new Dyneema products made using certified circular polymers from Sabic’s Trucircle portfolio. 

In this pilot project, DSM will produce Dyneema ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE) made with certified circular ethylene in both a sailing rope and a pelagic trawl net application.

The circular ethylene uses mixed plastic waste as feedstock, which contributes to preventing valuable plastic from becoming waste and the avoidance of carbon emissions compared to incineration,.

Sabic’s certified circular materials are produced via advanced recycling that regenerates hard-to-recycle plastics which would otherwise typically be destined for incineration or landfill. It breaks them down to produce basic chemical building blocks, which are then used as an alternative feedstock to recreate high-performance plastics akin to a virgin material – in this case, certified circular polyethylene.

“This pilot programme with DSM is another significant step closer towards closing the loop and enhancing the recyclability of materials produced for high-stake industries,” said Abdullah Al-Otaibi, General Manager of Engineering Thermoplastics & Market Solutions for Petrochemicals at SABIC

Since early 2019, Sabic has been supplying its certified circular products to leading customers and converters, providing access to more sustainable materials to create an extensive variety of advanced applications ranging from food contact packaging to consumer and hygiene products.

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