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Eco-designed Seaqual reveals new fabrics

A number of fabric producers are making the most of the aesthetic qualities, as well as the ecological properties of the Seaqual fibre.

16th November 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Madrid

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Using the brand name Seaqual it announced the very first sales of fibres created by upcycling plastic waste, which collects at the bottom of the sea and is then fished out by 400 partner fishing boats. For every kg of fibre produced, a kg of waste is removed from the sea.

“The scale of the challenge is enormous: an estimated eight million tons of rubbish are dumped in the oceans every year, and 80% of this waste sinks to the sea floor,” the company reports.

Reducing environmental footprint

Seaqual 4U has developed an ethical supply chain from the fishing boats to the consumers by involving all the different stakeholders within the textiles industry (spinning, fabrics and brands) to encourage the clean-up of marine waste and the creation of ecologically sound yarns, fibres and fabrics.

Yarns can be blended with natural fibres or used in pure (100%) versions, either greige or yarn-dyed. They meet the requirements of ready-to-wear, sportswear, denim and even swimwear.

Although the Seaqual fibre offers identical properties and qualities to fibres created using new polyester fibre, its environmental footprint is incomparable. It plays an active role in cleaning up the ocean depths and allows for a 40% reduction in water consumption, energy savings of 50% and reduces carbon emissions by 60%, according to the manufacturer.

Fashionable knits

A number of fabric producers, including Textil Santanderina (Spain), A.Sampaio e Filhos Texteis (Portugal), Sofileta (France), Generos de Punto Fabres (Spain), Fieratex (Greece) and Gipitex (Italy), have joined the movement and are making the most of the aesthetic qualities, as well as the ecological properties of the Seaqual fibre.

Seaqual second-skin knits by Sofileta are designed for the swimwear and sportswear markets. Prints dominate a range of Seaqual knits from Generos De Punto Fabres, with floral themes for fashion and swimwear. Fieratex has combined Seaqual with cellulose fibres for dense knits with a voluptuous hand-feel for the apparel market. Extremely luxurious with a couture spirit, Seaqual jacquards are available from the Italian Gipitex this season.

Ecoalf Foundation

The Ecoalf Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose primary goal is to promote the selective recovery, recycling and revaluing of waste in order to prevent its adverse impact on the environment.

This is achieved through the development and application of new scientific and technological advancements – especially with regard to plastic waste products that are found in the marine environment.


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