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16th April 2018, Luneburg

eurolaser opens new demo centre in Italy

Lüneburg based company eurolaser, a leading manufacturer of CO2 laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking, is opening a new application centre in Italy, in response to a high demand for high-tech CO2 laser systems, used primarily for processing acrylics, plastic foils, technical textiles and wood materials.

According to the manufacturer, the laser systems for automated and large-format textile cutting are particularly sought after. On the heels of this trend, the company is opening new centres of expertise across Europe. In Italy, eurolaser maintains a branch office and now a large demo centre, where current and potential customers can view live demonstrations of various laser systems.

Opening of the new demo centre in Italy. © eurolaser

“We’re excited to be able to offer the Italian market knowledgeable, personalised consulting in their native language. Customer intimacy is hugely important, especially when it comes to complex industrial products that require explaining,” explained Alessandro Cataletto, Manager of Alkotex, the eurolaser branch in Italy.

“That’s why this Italian eurolaser agency is a big step for us. It is a way for us to bring all the advantages of laser technology closer to the manufacturing industry in Italy. Now that we have opened this large demo-centre, potential and current customers can witness eurolaser technology live, right in their own backyard and see for themselves how cost-effective it is.”

“With our team of experts, we are able to offer both market-based, individual sales consulting and after-sales technical customer service. Being right there on location allows us to react quickly. The customer also gets to benefit from shorter channels of communication and reduced travel costs.”


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