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Amni Soul Eco selected for eco-exhibition

Part of this inspiring exhibition, Amni Soul Eco stands out as the first 6.6 polyamide yarn with improved biodegradability.

26th April 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Florence

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear

T-Green line fabrics, created with Amni Soul Eco. © Solvay

Created by the international multi-specialty chemical Solvay Group, the award-winning Amni Soul Eco fibre has been selected to be featured at a Sustainable Thinking eco-exhibition held at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo until 8 March 2020.

Exploring the pioneering spirit of Salvatore Ferragamo and his approach to the use of natural, recycled and innovative materials, the occasion is an authentic invitation to reflect on the crucial issue of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Along with the heritage of the brand and its latest experimental developments, Sustainable Thinking also gathers the works of international artists and designers with a mindful approach, renowned for their cutting-edge use of different ingredients, as well as smart and new technologies that are revolutionising the industry.

Part of this inspiring exhibition, Amni Soul Eco stands out as the first 6.6 polyamide yarn with improved biodegradability. Developed by Solvay, it was selected by Manifatture Italiane Scudieri – MecTex, textile division of Adler Group, a leader in designing, developing and manufacturing components and systems for the transportation industry. Amni Soul Eco was used to create T-Green, a collection of eco-friendly fabrics: one of these is now displayed at the exhibition.

Biodegradable fibre

Amni Soul Eco branded fibres are designed to decompose in around five years when disposed in well-controlled landfills, as demonstrated by laboratory biodegradation tests in accordance with ASTM D5511 - Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High-Solids Anaerobic-Digestion Conditions (equivalent to ISO 15985).

As the biodegradation process kicks in, they break down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas that can be exploited to cogenerate electricity and thus become new environmental resources. Produced with environmental-friendly process and Oeko-Tex certified, this yarn not only is recyclable and reusable but it also features all the functional benefits of polyamide 6.6, such as quality, durability and comfort.

Inspiring display

“This is more than an exhibition: Sustainable Thinking is an exhortation to let the past inspire us in order to create something that goes beyond our standards and limits. Standing among these extraordinary innovations is a true honour,” claimed Daniela Antunes, Solvay Business Development Manager. “We are proud to be part of this project, a testament to the long-standing effort that involves the whole industry and aims at leaving a better world to future generations.”

Paving the way towards a future where the environmental impact could be drastically reduced along with the amount of waste, Amni Soul Eco will be displayed in Room 7 – dedicated to innovations – from 12 April 2019 to 8 March 2020.


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