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13th July 2020, Rijeka, Croatia

Biocrystal stress relief technology gets 20 PLUS 20 award

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Biocrystal, a stress relief technology that can be applied to textiles, has been named the winner of the 20 PLUS 20 - Annual List award given by the Interzum Guangzhou, as an Outstanding Furniture Accessory.

Natural, effective and said to be scientifically validated, Biocrystal is a blend of natural crystals, precisely selected, mixed and crushed, ready to be applied to a wide range of furniture, bedding, textiles and other products for everyday use.

“As a component that answers the biggest market demands by relieving stress, Biocrystal is a solution the most common problem of people today,” commented Milica Mataja-Mafrici, Head of Marketing Operations at BC Tech, Biocrystal’s owner.

“Outstanding features of Biocrystal technology placed this product to the top 20 most influential innovative furniture accessories accolade for 2019/20, according to 20 PLUS 20 annual list award. This prestigious award is established and given by the Interzum Guangzhou, Asia’s most influential trade fair for the furniture production, woodworking machinery and interior decor, with more than 1500 exhibiting companies from 35 countries and regions.”

“We are so proud to be recognised as an outstanding furniture accessory by an established industry’s opinion maker such as Interzum Guangzhou. This award comes as an homage to the years of hard work and our devotion to establish a trend of an active treatment to the bedding, furniture and textile industry, by introducing Biocrystal - stress relief technology,” said Mrs Vesna Pavletic, founder of the BC Tech company, the innovator and provider of Biocrystal technology.

“Considering the role of innovative technologies in today’s industry,” BC Tech’s Managing director, Mr Zlatko Karajic said: “If  you trust the devastating world statistics regarding stress and its overall impact to health of people globally, you will understand the important role of Biocrystal technology within the modern society. Furniture, bedding and textile manufacturers today need to offer more than just comfort, they need to provide an active treatment with a result to its customers. This is exactly where Biocrystal steps in as the stress relief technology with an easy implementation process. For me, the Interzum’s award is a great honour and another confirmation we successfully recognised the need.”

According to BC Tech, Biocrystal technology was elected to the top 20 most technologically innovative furniture accessories by Mr. Dick Spierenburg, an internationally renowned designer and member of the interzum Award jury, together with the judging committee.

Biocrystal will be exhibited at a special display at this year’s interzum Guangzhou, together with other awarded products, at the entrance of International Hall 15.1. from 27 to 30 July 2020 in Guangzhou, China.


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