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Freudenberg presents solutions for future-oriented markets

Freudenberg Performance Materials and Japan Vilene Company will be presenting solutions for the energy, medical and automotive markets at ANEX.

16th March 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Weinheim/Tokyo

Civil Engineering, Transport/​Aerospace, Medical/Hygiene

Freudenberg Performance Materials and Japan Vilene Company, Business Groups of Freudenberg Group, will be presenting solutions for the energy, medical and automotive markets at the Asia Nonwoven Exhibition (ANEX) from 6-8 June 2018 in Tokyo.

The broad product spectrum ranges from battery separators and laminates comprising hydrophilic PU foams and hydroactive nonwovens to acoustic pads for vehicles.

Efficiency and safety for energy storage

Redox flow batteries are in demand wherever large amounts of energy need to be stored over several hours while remaining ready for discharge at any time. A key aspect is optimising efficiency. Freudenberg’s nonwoven electrodes with a 3D fibre structure were specially developed to improve liquid circulation in redox flow batteries. These innovative electrodes feature a flexible design that enables them to be adapted to specific customer requirements.

Freudenberg’s safety separator for lithium-ion batteries. © Freudenberg

One key to the success of e-mobility is providing more efficient and safer batteries. Freudenberg’s safety separator for lithium-ion batteries consists of an ultra-thin PET nonwoven impregnated with ceramic particles. It remains stable at high temperatures and does not shrink. In comparison to conventional products, it is considerably less sensitive to mechanical penetration, particularly at high temperatures, the manufacturer explains.

Increased vehicle range is another key to the success of e-mobility. The Japan Vilene Company’s Ni-MH HV battery separators have been designed to meet this functional requirement. They are characterised by high-temperature resistance, high safety performance and a rapid rate of charge/discharge.

Advanced modern wound care

Following the introduction of an MDI-based foam, Freudenberg Performance Materials has continued with the systematic expansion of its portfolio in this field. The company has now entered series production of ISO 13485-compliant laminates comprising hydrophilic PU foams and hydroactive nonwovens.

PU foam nonwoven laminate. © Freudenberg

Freudenberg’s nonwoven fabric made from bioresorbable polymers scaffolene is extremely versatile in both characteristics and applications. Flexible and tear-resistant when dry, it is designed to remain stable even when wet, maintaining its structure and avoiding clumping. During operations, the material can be easily and securely positioned in the right place in the body. The fabric eventually breaks down inside the body of its own accord, rendering a further treatment to remove the dressing unnecessary.

Japan Vilene Company’s transdermal backing materials are both elastic and offer beneficial physical properties. The company’s disposable respirators provide protection against particulate matter. They are national-assay-approved, offer high particle removal efficiency and are said to ensure easy breathing in polluted environments.

Lightweight solutions for driving comfort

Good sound absorption in vehicles increases driver and passenger comfort. It also has a high priority in electric cars because electric drive trains cause less noise than combustion engines. For this reason, other noise sources in different frequency ranges become more important. Freudenberg will be presenting innovative acoustic pads designed to provide outstanding sound absorption inside the vehicle. The pads are suitable for a wide variety of applications in the car such as door panels, headliners, trunk areas, wheel-houses and so on.

Japan Vilene Company will be presenting its headliner facings, designed to improve wellbeing inside the vehicle thanks to their sophisticated design. They are available in plain and multicolour patterned prints and have a smooth surface.

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