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PG Denim to take on the premium market

Ciao Milano, the new edition of the Denim Première Vision show, taking place this week, features a project signed by Paolo Gnutti.

29th May 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Studio 54. © PG Denim

Ciao Milano, the new edition of the Denim Première Vision show, taking place this week, features a project signed by Paolo Gnutti, aka PG Denim. The company, under Gnutti’s creative guidance, has two clear objectives in mind: on the one hand, expanding its presence on the high-end denim market, focusing more and more on a bespoke approach and on product innovation, on the other hand, the ambitious goal of manufacturing one million metres of fabric in the year 2019.

This path of research is combined with a totally integrated and 100% Italian manufacturing structure, in order to give the market not just new products, but also new tools, according to Paolo Gnutti, R&D Head at PG Denim. “We are targeting the market section where production always requires thinking out of the box, which feeds the imagination of those who are asked to transform it. Our approach is often made of provocations, suggestions, reflections, through continuous research which leads us to designing frequent and always innovative capsule collections,” he said.

The thousand faces of denim

The Autumn/Winter 2020-21 collection by PG Denim includes several novel capsule collections based on a surprising, innovative approach. Drawing from the recovery of techniques used in the Middle Ages, delving into the world of vinyl and metallised fabrics, finally reaching out to 3D prints, the collections interpret most authentic and traditional style.

Garage Denim is the line inspired by the metallised colours of cars in the 1950s and ‘60s, where coloured glitter pasted on very dark fabric backgrounds and brightly coloured sheets create an imperceptible painted effect, for fluid and flowing fabrics, which can be finished in various ways to create unexpected forms, resulting in truly customised denim.

THE Denim. © PG Denim

THE Denim. © PG Denim

The Samite range, on the contrary, is totally inspired by the ancient technique of samite fabrics, used in the Middle Ages to produce heavy silk drapes, similar to velvet, as well as to produce luxury clothing. This technique has resulted in the idea to combine samite with viscose flock, to virtually follow the silk road. This has led to unique garments with different effects depending on the washing procedure.

The new proposals also include the Gala Denim collection, which develops an indigo and black denim fabric, where the wefts are made of real silver thread, resulting in smart and stylish garments with no limitations in terms of use.

The experiments at PG Denim are also focused on the new 3D Print range, based on special relief which are inspired by natural landscape.

Also, a recent line developed using a combination between cotton and vinyl makes a comeback: Studio 54. This range explores traditional borders as part of its style trademark.

3D Print. © PG Denim

3D Print. © PG Denim

Finally, a line called THE Denim draws a pathway that starts from the most traditional Japanese raw fabric, through the jeans of America and Northern Europe, reaching all the way to Africa.

Increasingly “circular” dyeing processes

The novelties in the PG Denim range include substantial investment in recovery and reuse processes for fabric finishing and fine-tuning a dyeing process based on sulphur and reactive colourings, which reduces water use by 75%, the consumption of chemicals by 35%, thus cutting by 20% energy costs and by 70% CO2 emissions, the company reports.

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