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Eugene Gerden

Expert Opinion

3rd December 2019, Russia

Russian technical textiles on the rise

Andrei Razbrodin, head of the Russian Association of Textile and Light Industry Producers.  © Soyzlegprom.

Andrei Razbrodin, head of the Russian Association of Textile and Light Industry Producers.  © Soyzlegprom.

Production of technical textiles including innovative textiles products has more than doubled in Russia over the past seven years, and continues to grow, according to recent statements from Andrei Razbrodin, head of the Russian Association of Textile and Light Industry Producers (Soyzlegprom), a public association, which unites leading Russian textiles and technical textiles enterprises.

Razbrodin told Innovation in Textiles that this year the growth of production will not be less than +10%, and comparable to the figures of the previous four years. This is mainly due to the ever-growing domestic demand for technical textiles and innovative textile products and their consumption in the local market.

According to data from Soyzlegprom, in general the production of technical and innovative textiles in Russia almost doubled during the period of 2011-2018 and exceeded RUB 76 billion (US$1.18 billion) in value terms last year, a record figure in the modern history of Russia.

Soyzlegprom predicts that this year the share is expected to reach 40% of the entire market, compared to 33-35% at the beginning of 2010s.

According to expectations of Razbrodin, in the case of maintaining of the current growth rates of the market and a further growth of the local demand, domestic manufacturers will be able to occupy at least two thirds of the national market for technical textiles and nonwoven materials already by the mid-2020s.

Analysts also said the number of projects, which involve the production high-tech textiles  products in Russia has significantly increased in recent months.

One such project involves the production of Russia’s first innovative production of polymer-coated multilayer technical textile materials. It is implemented on the basis of the Ivanovoiskozh enterprise in the Ivanovo Region, a centre of the Russian technical textile production, while the volume of investments in its commissioning amounted to 630 million rubles (US$10 million). Analysts at Soyzlegprom believe future output of the enterprise will be in high demand among local customers.

The list of other promising projects in the field of technical textile, which are currently being implemented in Russia involves the production of technical filtration fabrics on the basis of the local INPC TLC.

In addition, several months ago a large-scale project for the manufacture of antimicrobial textile materials and products has been recently commissioned by the Perm-based IDILIO LLC enterprises, is jointly implemented with the Russian Special Textiles Association (Shuya). According to Razbrodin, scientific support is provided by scientists of the Kh.R. Krestov Institute of Chemical Engineering,

Analysts believe the Russian technical textiles industry will continue its growth in years to come, while a particular attention will be paid to the increase of the production of health-saving textile materials, including those, which contain nano, bio and modified chemical fibres new generation heaters and heat-insulating fireproof nonwoven materials. That will involve the conduction of more active R&D activities in this field.

Next year scientists of Kosygin Moscow State University of Design and Technologies and the First Moscow State Medical University, the oldest medical school in Russia, plan to accelerate R&D activities for the design and production of bactericidal and bacteriostatic textile materials as well as products from synthetic fibers, which are  modified with silver nanoparticles.

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