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Smart manufacturing with DiloGroup

DiloGroup will present its latest developments at the Techtextil India trade show for technical textiles and nonwovens.

9th September 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Eberbach

Medical/Hygiene, Industrial, Packaging, Transport/​Aerospace

Hypertex line. © DiloGroup

DiloGroup, consisting of DiloSpinnbau, DiloTemafa, DiloMachines and DiloSystems, will present its latest developments at the Techtextil India trade show for technical textiles and nonwovens, which takes place from 20-22 November in Mumbai.

The Group offers production machinery for complete processes to make needled staple fibre nonwovens, from fibre preparation, to carding, crosslapping or aerodynamic webforming, needlepunching and other consolidation technologies for any fibre material.

In its 117-year history, the company has set standards in regard to machine performance and efficiency. Innovative technologies like Di-Lour, Di-Loop and Hyperpunch have created new markets for the nonwovens industry and have contributed to continuous growth, the company reports.

With its recent developments Dilo says it is continuing its strategy of high-quality engineering and revolutionary innovative technology.


The H Alpha loom is a new variation of Hyperpunch technology. By reducing detrimental draft, increasing throughput speed and lowering costs, it is of interest for universal applications.

“The surface quality of nonwovens is an important parameter and highly influenced by the needle pattern. The new needle pattern 8000X can be considered a breakthrough for realising very uniform stitch distributions over a wide range of line speed. The related 6000X is suitable for Hyperpunch needle looms,” the manufacturer explains.


The Hypertex technology combines a grid of endless fibres and nonwoven fabric as a sandwich using the needlepunch process. An additional weaving process becomes unnecessary. The grid is said to improve the tensile strength of products such as filters or roof sheets and will lower costs and production time.

3D-Lofter. © DiloGroup

3D-Lofter. © DiloGroup

In the field of textile additive manufacturing, the 3D-Lofter will offer further chances of fibre savings for needlefelts used in the automotive and other applications because topologically distributed fibre masses can be positioned in the felt where needed by so called individual webforming spots.

Smart manufacturing

diloline 4.0 includes a wide variety of smart manufacturing actions in collaboration with Siemens, which all aim at further simplifying operation, increasing transparency in web forming and consolidation thereby increasing efficiency.

Production data are stored, documented and compared. An alarm monitor indicates irregular behaviour. A production analysis documents the reasons for standstill times. This data can be used to avoid irregular behaviour. Numerous information modules can be recalled via mobile apps and cloud data (mindSpheres). All these methods to control the machines and to generate production data will be helpful to further secure the complex functions within the production system independently of personnel and shift.

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