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Stäubli debuts automatic drawing-in machine in Turkey

The company will present its latest machinery solutions for the weaving and knitting industries at ITM.

1st March 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Pfäffikon


Stäubli, a leading high-speed textile machinery manufacturer, is looking forward to meeting with visitors of the ITM textile machinery exhibition, which takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, next month. The company will present its latest machinery solutions for the weaving and knitting industries.

“Even though the Turkish textiles manufacturing market is currently facing a challenging situation in terms of worldwide competition, the Turkish weaving industry remains an important importer of high quality shirting fabrics, denim, as well as carpets,” the company explains.

“As an industry partner, Stäubli constantly analyses customers’ most important needs and integrates solutions in the development of its new products. Working in this way, we offer an extensive machinery range that provides mills with increased advantages in terms of reliability, long service life and versatility in application.”

SAFIR S40 drawing in machine

At the ITM, weavers can see live in Turkey for the first time the Safir S40 automatic drawing-in machine dedicated to coarse and middle yarn types for denim, bed linen, and shirting fabrics, as well as fabrics for leisure wear. Built of a mobile drawing in machine serving one or more stationary drawing in stations, the machine offers compact space requirements and versatile layout possibilities.         

LX Jacquard machine

This machine will be shown in combination with a Stäubli harness. Built with high-quality materials and designed to perform with utmost precision at very high speeds, the LX Jacquard machine is said to allow mills to weave sophisticated fabrics for virtually any application – from colourful African damask to OPW (one piece woven-) airbags, to terry towel, the company explains.

LX Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

Stäubli also offers a Jacquard machinery series for ribbons and labels. At ITM, the model LX12 can be seen. Easy to adapt and versatile, it is suitable for all types of needle looms and allows a straightforward access for making machine adjustments. It is suitable for weaving labels, decorative ribbons, trimmings or elastic ribbons for lingerie.

Other highlights

The third generation of Stäubli’s rotary dobbies, the S3060/3260 series, can be seen at the Stäubli stand and the booths of many other weaving machine manufacturers with different applications.

The D4S automatic toe-closing device will be presented on a circular sock knitting machine. Visitors can experience how the time consumption in the sock knitting process can significantly be reduced.

Carpet samples showing “perfect surfaces and clear designs” will also be on display.

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