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Fast route to sustainable logos with Compo-SiL

The process overcomes heat transfer problems with its patented modified PU layer.

4th March 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Hsinchu, Taiwan


Compo-SiL technology, developed by General Silicones of Hsinchu, Taiwan, is an alternative to heat transfer printing or silicone-based ink printing for adding logos to t-shirts and other apparel items.

Several drawbacks limit standard heat transfer printing, the company says – large designs quickly become expensive to manufacture, the images do not last that long and it is not advisable to iron the textile’s printed area. While silicone is meanwhile a more sustainable alternative to still commonly used PVC and polyesters, silicone ink printing technology does not allow for shades and complicated patterns and is a time and labour-intensive processes.

Compo-SiL overcomes heat transfer problems due to its patented modified PU layer and the advantageous properties of silicone. The inward-facing PU layer is easily printed with elaborate designs and applied to the fabric using HMA and other adhesives. The UV and damage resistant silicone layer covers the printed PU layer on the textile, giving the print a long life and washing machine resistance.

Because Compo-SiL can be easily cut and applied using roll-to-roll production processes, the time-consuming process of silicone ink printing is also eliminated.

The ability to create custom textures on the silicone rubber layer provides the designer with complete freedom in respect of colours and gradient selection, and also allows the creation of realistic metal and wooden effects.

Compo-SiL ships in rolls that can be easily printed and cut, allowing suppliers to create small batches for events and corporate orders at an attractive price.

The thin modified PU layer allows printing with existing printing machines and integration into existing roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.

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