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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

6th September 2019, Leeds

FET launches new lab-scale wet spinning system

FET launches new laboratory-scale wet spinning system. © FET

FET launches new laboratory-scale wet spinning system. © FET

Two years ago, Fibre Extrusion Technology (FET), of Leeds, introduced the FET-200 Series, a new pilot and small-scale production line for wet spinning technology. At ITMA Barcelona 2019, this June, FET launched its new laboratory scale version, which is particularly suitable for the early stages of formulation and process development.

The FET-200 Lab can be used for a wide variety of different fibre types, ranging from systems based on corrosive aqueous salt solutions, such as alginate fibres through to acidic systems like engineered silk, and also systems using flammable, toxic solvents, such as UHMWPE.

“Each type of wet spun fibre requires a unique processing route: first to produce and metre the dope solution, then to coagulate the filaments and finally to dry and draw the yarn to develop its tensile properties,” the company explains. “FET has the expertise to design and manufacture systems to meet these challenges and can configure a complete processing line or specific elements as required.”

“Apart from the configuration, the equipment is scaled to the output required and the specific type of fibre to be produced.”

FET was established in 1998 with the firm objective of achieving technical excellence in our field and helping its customers to efficiently produce high-value textile materials. This background has provided FET with a base for success and growth over this period.

With installations in over 30 countries, it offers in-depth expertise and knowhow into design, process technology, electronics, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service; and flexibility, with bespoke and standard installations provided.


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