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Fibre focus for thermoplastic composites at ACMA

Unsized fibres are the go-to option due to their enhanced processing properties.

14th March 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  San Diego, CA, USA


Hexcel Corporation will showcase its portfolio of carbon fibres optimised for thermoplastic processing applications at the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) Thermoplastic Composites Conference, beginning on March 22nd in San Diego.

HexTow is the preferred carbon fibre for the world’s most advanced aerospace and industrial thermoplastic composite applications, including the latest developments in thermoplastic prepregs, braiding and comingled fibres. Hexcel is the only manufacturer of fibres with or without sizing and HexTow unsized fibres are the go-to option for thermoplastic specialists due to their enhanced processing properties.

In addition to spools of sized and unsized HexTow fibres, products on display in San Diego will include a comingled fibre product developed by Concordia Fibers, which blends thermoplastic and carbon fibre yarns to produce a highly adaptable thermoplastic yarn that can be woven, braided, knitted or pultruded.

Other Hexcel customers have provided a selection of thermoplastic composite aerospace and industrial components for display, including control surface rib and panel stiffener parts using PEKK/AS4D unidirectional tape.

“We are expecting strong attendance this year and will have a full spectrum of thermoplastic product applications on display,” said Tom Haulik, sales director for carbon fibre at Hexcel. “Delegates visiting the booth will experience the handling differences created in the fibre tow firs thand and witness the composite possibilities they create in a range of end use components.”

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