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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

2nd October 2020, Mansfield, GA

Beaver Manufacturing expands with acquisition of Intercord Thüringen

Executives toast upon striking the deal. Pictured from left to right: Craig Chandler, Vice President of Finance; Michael Dubin, Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer; Ramazan Yasbay, Managing Director for Germany; Walter vom Stein, former owner, Intercord. © Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc. (BMC), a North American supplier of technical fibre reinforcements for hoses and other industrial applications, has announced plans for expanding its global presence by acquiring Intercord Thüringen GmbH of Germany, a producer of high-quality technical fibres.

The partnership will enable BMC to add RFL treating technology to its product line, as well as its third production plant across the globe. The manufacturing facility in Mühlhausen Thüringen, Germany rounds out the company’s worldwide footprint, along with its existing plants in the US and Mexico.

“By acquiring Intercord, we are making a significant expansion into the European market, and at the same time, entering the tyre and belt industry,” explains Michael Dubin, Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc. “Our plant in Germany will continue to produce RFL treated yarns and cords, as well as our hose products that incorporate Beaverloc treatments.”

For more than 20 years, Intercord’s technology has produced cords for tyres, hoses and transmission belts in the automotive and industrial industries.

“Beaver Manufacturing advanced the U.S. hose yarn industry with its environmentally friendly treated yarn solutions; now we can do the same here in Germany,” says Intercord’s Ramazan Yasbay, who will continue as Managing Director of the German facility for BMC. “Adding their technology and product line to ours will increase the level of innovation in this industry throughout Europe and the Americas.”

With a sluggish economy across the globe, news of company growth and expansion has been unusual during the pandemic. Only two years after opening its manufacturing site in Mexico, BMC executives say this partnership will continue its growth and increase production and the promise of job creation into 2021.



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