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Biomimetic Qticle from Toray

Drawing on elements of natural hair and wool.

30th November 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Japan


Qticle is the latest development resulting from Toray’s proprietary Nanodesign composite spinning technology.

The biomimetic polyester filament yarn draws on elements of the structures of both natural hair and wool, which both comprise numerous protein layers and have properties and compositions providing excellent elasticity and lustre.

Toray used its composite spinning technology to design an eccentric filament with an ultrathin shell layer and employed further processing technology to create its crimped structure and fine surface irregularities. Two separate polymers are employed in Qticle, each with  different centres of gravity.

Toray’s technologies have enabled it to be turned into fabrics with natural, lustrous, and deep colours, a pleasantly smooth and supple feel, and functional stretch for comfort and easy care.

The company will offer Qticle in everything from casual medium-weight fabrics for men’s and ladies’ outerwear to cut-and-sew items and aims to commercialise these fabric for Spring/Summer 2023 collections. It is targeting annual sales of 200,000 metres of Qticle sales by March 2022 andannual sales of  500,000 metres by 2025.

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