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Culp introduces Chillsense

ChillSense fibres have a high thermal effusivity – the rate at which a material can absorb heat.

7th June 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  High Point, NC, USA

Interiors, Sustainable

ChillSense powered by Repreve is a sustainable new fabric resulting from the continued partnership between North Carolina companies Culp, of High Point, and Unifi, of Northboro, in response to consumer demand for cooling performance.

According to Unifi, fabrics made with ChillSense fibres transfer heat from the body to the fabric more quickly, creating a cool sensation to the touch. The fabric is made with at least 30% Repreve fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, with U Trust verification to certify recycled content claims.

“The cooling technology is inherent within the yarn, not requiring the addition of chemicals,” said Jeff Veach, vice-president of sales and marketing for Culp Home Fashions. “ChillSense powered by Repreve combines performance and sustainability elements in one fabric and represents an affordable offering for our customers and consumers to make a sustainability-based buying decision.

© Culp/Unifi

“Since 2019, Culp has helped divert over 63 million plastic bottles from going into waste streams by incorporating Repreve recycled fibre into its mattress and upholstery fabrics. We have the ability to produce and scale this new fabric line. The raw material can be made locally at our North Carolina plant in Reidsville and it can also be made overseas.”

“Fabrics made with ChillSense fibres have a high thermal effusivity – the rate at which a material can absorb heat,” explained Brian Moore, vice-president of global brand sales for Unifi. “Fabrics with high effusivity represent the ability of a textile to exchange thermal energy with the skin.”


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