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Enhanced durability with Graphito denim

Antistatic and bacteriostatic effects enable jeans to be worn for longer periods between washing.

25th September 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Italy


Candiani has developed a new denim fabric integrating the functional G+ graphene of fellow Italian company Directa Plus.

Graphito denim exploits the technical performance made possible by the very pure graphene which is obtained without the use of chemicals and produced in a very low-impact process.

Graphene is the lightest and strongest material developed to date and also the best heat and electricity conductor. Directa Plus claims to deliver the purest and most crystalline form of graphene nanoplatelets available, with every gram of graphite directly transformed into a gram of G+.

It provides Candiani’s Graphito denim with key antistatic and bacteriostatic effects to allow them to be worn longer than conventional jeans before they need washing, making the denim particularly suited to workwear.

According to tests, in five days, G+ reduces bacterial load by up to 50% compared to regular denim and the antimicrobial activity increases over time. Extending the required intervals for washing can have a significant impact on the overall carbon footprint of garments over their lifetime.

A further benefit is a cooling effect and the homogenised distribution of warmth across a fabric’s surface. Graphito denim is also treated with Kitotex, a vegetal-based treatment that adds a natural lucid aspect to fibres after they are dyed, without harming the environment. After tests, Graphito denim’s properties and appearance remain unchanged for at least 20 washes.


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