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Fool-proof guarantee of organic origins

DNA markers provide BKS products with a unique fingerprint.

9th February 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Tamil Nadu, India

Interiors, Sustainable

BKS Textiles based in Tamil Nadu, India, is launching Organitrack, a bedding solution that uses 100% organic cotton in its manufacture.

The cotton is tagged with Haelixa’s DNA markers which provide products with a unique fingerprint, establishing proof of origin and securing transparency across the entire supply chain.

The versatile, non-intrusive, robust and harmless markers are GOTS approved and are compatible with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. Third party testing verifies the integrity of marked Organitrack products and authenticates their history, giving retailers and brands the comfort of standing behind the product claims made.

“Organic cotton has become a crucial driver of sustainability in the textile industry, with the numerous benefits it brings to the environment and the farming community,” said BKS director Sudha Anand.  “At the same time, cases of fraudulent claims, passing off conventional cotton as organic, have been increasing rampant lately. This makes traceability absolutely crucial and we are very pleased to partner with Haelixa in providing a fool-proof organic cotton solution to our customers.”

“It is always a great honour for us, when customers choose our DNA marker to make traceability a key feature of a new collection,” said Michela Puddu, CEO and co-founder of Haelixa, based in Kemptthal, Switzerland.  “Knowing how important sustainability is, especially for the millennial generation, and being able to provide a forensic proof for the authenticity of the fibre, helps to reassure the end-consumer.”

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