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Key investors in dry forming pulp

Using dry forming pulp on a single machine enables savings in both costs and resources.

1st February 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Varberg, Sweden

Sustainable, Packaging

Yangi has secured major investment from the luxury brand Chanel and the global technology company Voith.

Based in Varberg, and a spin-off company of The Loop Factory based in the same Swedish city, Yangi has developed a new manufacturing process for 3D-formed, cellulose-based packaging using dry forming principles on a single machine, enabling savings in both costs and resources and promising  the potential to replace rigid plastics at scale.

Compared to the water and energy-intensive wet pulp moulding process, Yangi’s dry forming system uses no water and less energy, resulting in minimised CO2 emissions and 75% less energy consumption. The applications for packaging solutions are diverse and range from cosmetics and beauty products to fresh food, take-aways and consumer goods.

The Loop Factory is currently engaged in projects involving the chemical mechanical recycling of textile waste and also of glass fibre-based acoustic wall and ceiling absorbers from the cosntruction industry.

“The mission of The Loop Factory is to create system change for the circular economy and scale innovation faster, and Yangi is a great example of our entrepreneurial spirit and the objectives of our business model,” says its CEO Maria Ström. “We aim to pioneer sustainable solutions that have the potential to create true transformation, and who knows what will come next?       

“Voith’s expertise as the leading full-line supplier in the paper industry and Yangi’s expertise in the dry processing of fibres open new doors for solutions,” adds Michael Weiss, CTO at Voith Paper. “Fibre-based packaging is a sustainable alternative to plastic and will continue to gain relevance.”

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