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Natural progression at Grupo Antolin

Assisted driving automotive interiors reimagined in the virtual Vivar.

2nd February 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Burgos, Spain


Tier 1 automotive supplier Grupo Antolin, headquartered in Burgos, Spain, has developed a new headliner substrate based on organic waste and has also just released a virtual concept car called Vivar to illustrate its latest ideas for future car interiors.

The new headliner substrate comprises a polyurethane foam obtained from mass-balance certified renewable feedstock and is laminated to a textile made from recycled polyester fibres.

It is already in series production for a new car model and has the same appearance as a standard headliner without any reduction in mechanical or physical properties. It has been made possible by a process developed in collaboration with key suppliers, with the fabric manufactured by Borgstena entirely with polyester yarns from recycled PET bottles and using electricity from renewable sources.

A cork substrate meanwhile constitutes the headliner in the Vivar as envisaged by Grupo Antolin designers, along with the application of natural fibre fabrics that can be backlit and can also house switches, and an instrument panel featuring a natural air purification and odour system through the integration of a customisable ‘urban garden’.

The arm-rests of the door panels are covered in bamboo fabric while the carrier is made of natural fibres and recycled wood has been used for other deco parts.

A smart sliding floor console has a pivoting infotainment surface and a mobile and adjustable display on the instrument panel area can serve either the driver or the front passenger depending on the driving mode.

Removable and portable spotlights from the headliner to the door panel also provide closer direct light when required.

To reflect the warm interior experience, a robust and sophisticated exterior has also been designed, with a front illuminated panel that enables communication with other road users replacing the conventional radiator grille.

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