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North Face opts for HD Wool Insulation

The wool that is used to make the insulation is fully traceable back to the farm where it is grown.

15th March 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shipley, United Kingdom


In its commitment to reducing environmental impact by including more natural, renewable materials into its product offering, The North Face has partnered with HD Wool Insulation to introduce a sustainable alternative to synthetic and down insulation for its new Heritage collection.

The spring Heritage collection features the men’s and women’s Rostoker jacket and men’s Gilet vest made and behind the classic styling of these garments is a modern sustainable story.

HD Wool Insulation is 100% natural, renewable and highly durable with excellent temperature regulating and moisture management properties.

HD Wool Insulation, formed by Shipley, UK-based wool merchant H. Dawson, is actively supporting farmers to start the regenerative agricultural process by having their land subjected to an annual Ecological Outcome Verification by the US-based Savory Institute, in order to show progress in land-to-market objectives. The wool that is used to make HD Wool Insulation is fully traceable back to the farm where it is grown. 

“We are thrilled to partner with a brand that shares our passion for sustainability and care for the earth,” said Jo Dawson, CEO of and HD Wool insulation. “We take sustainability very seriously and we see ourselves, and consumers, as custodians of shepherd’s wool, which when managed well can aid in the reverse of climate change”

In 2019, Sky Ocean Ventures, a £25 million impact-investment fund invested in HD Wool Insulation, recognizing that its product can be used as a replacement for synthetic polyester insulation, which can shed microplastics.

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