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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

28th January 2020, Munich

Paradigm shift to holistic sustainability for Munich Fabric Start

© Sorin Morar.© Sorin Morar.

“A new level of sustainability, digitalisation, transparency, a growing need for information and the desire to inspire - that‘s what the Spring.Summer 21 season stands for,” according to the organisers of Munich Fabric Start.

“The awareness of a new ecology has become one of the strongest social movements. It challenges us to rethink, to take responsibility, to create transparency and to enter into an intensive dialogue,” they explain.

The Munich Fabric Start with Bluezone, Keyhouse and the individual showcases presented by around 1000 international suppliers of fabrics and accessories, will introduce the Spring.Summer 21 season from 4-6 February in Munich. Approximately 20,000 trade visitors will have access to an extensive range of fabrics, accessories, designs and manufacturing services, supported by an informative and inspiring events programme.

“The Spring.Summer 21 season is characterised by dynamism, waves and radiance – the guiding theme Thrivability brings enthusiasm, creates excitement, let’s blossom and flourish. Thrivability deconstructs our understanding of fashion and embeds a new, positive way of thinking: aesthetics and people see eye to eye; resources and nature are respected.”

“This creates a new understanding of holistic sustainability and future-oriented entrepreneurial spirit. Spring.Summer 21 answers current market needs and reflects an evolved understanding of values. Knowledge, transparency, quality, responsibility and communication influence the current showcase of innovative product and processes on offer. Thrivability combines the essence of this new era with a classic definition of trends and cultivates an inspiring and progressive direction for materials, fashion and design.”

Ask the Expert - Communication islands with Thrivability experts

Taking into account the focus on sustainability and innovation driven by Thrivability, a new information concept will be integrated into the Trend Forum at the upcoming Munich Fabric Start. At various communication islands in the foyer of the MOC, industry experts will provide impulses and answers to current questions, from the origins of the material to exploring the diverse range of production processes and end garment recycling.

Through direct discussions, visitors will gain valuable know-how, insights into topics and current solutions for both sustainable and innovative processes along the value chain: Circularity | Fibers & Materials | Marketing & Communication Recycling | Responsible Processing | Social Responsibility.

New icon guidance system

Munich Fabric Start has also implemented a newly developed icon guidance system which in the spirit of transparency, identifies the sustainable and technical aspects of all the material highlights presented in the Trend Forums. In this way, visitors can establish these respective and previously hidden properties of textiles and ingredients at a single glance.

© Munich Fabric Start.

Fabrics – awareness as a driver of innovation

Around 700 suppliers will present their creative new developments across more than 1000 collections – based on the latest technology innovations and the conscious and conservative use of resources. “The fashionable combination of natural and innovative fibres is reflected in numerous new textile qualities including luminous surfaces, wet gloss looks, soft glazes, colour gradients, transparent qualities, abstract patterns and relief elements,” organisers add.

© Sorin Morar.© Sorin Morar.

“This season, Munich Fabric Start once again unites textile producers with a huge range of state-of-the-art fabrics, presenting not only essentials such as cotton, viscose, wool, elastane, lace and linen, but also novelties such as super-stretch silk, recycled polyester, Ecovero-Tencel linen, Naia and Cupro fibre blends or hemp textiles.”

Additionals – trims for future

Trims for Future – this is the global motto which represents approximately 200 of the world’s leading international Additionals suppliers. “Fashionable new developments revolve around iridescent surfaces, glowing yarns and electrifying colour applications. The focus is on recycled and sustainably produced products in natural colours.”

© Munich Fabric Start.© Munich Fabric Start.

ITL Group will not only show its comprehensive range of products for the first time, but will also launch its C.A.R.E. Collection (Conscious, Affordable, Responsible, Eco-friendly labels) during the upcoming trade fair. Clic sums up these developments: “We have focused on realistic and organic articles that preserve nature both in form and texture.”


In a comprehensive forum, the ReSOURCE Area categorises and presents around 800 sustainably produced articles by exhibiting fabrics and additionals producers. “With our ground breaking DryIndigo technology it is now possible to produce denim with 0% water consumption,“ Tejidos Royo describes its latest milestone. Bornemann Etiketten sees the biggest challenge in balancing creativity, sustainability and efficiency, while Dutel focuses on timeless and durable top quality. Lanificio Roma pursues resource saving process solutions with the aim of wasting less and reusing production and consumption waste as new resources.

© Munich Fabric Start.© Munich Fabric Start.

Design studios

“Natural colours based on sustainable dyeing techniques now determines the colour palettes of the inspiring designs at the internationally renowned, textile designers and trend offices in the Design Studios. The current change in the textile industry is leading to a revolution in the printing and dyeing industry and inspires a revival of natural dyes. Design Union and Primus Pattern also emphasize the simultaneous closeness to nature and diversity of textile prints for Spring.Summer 21,” organisers say.


“Ready-made solutions are becoming more and more important and the interest in sourcing providers close to the market is also growing with a focus is on speed and a reduction in complexity. As globally established manufacturing companies in the Sourcing Area, numerous high-quality newcomers such as Easy Invest Solutions or Union 3 Fashion offer comprehensive insights into the entire textile production chain and its reliable procurement management. For Spring.Summer 21, Cascade Enterprises takes its inspiration from nature and returns to the basics in prints, fabrics and silhouettes. Sourcing specialist Fateks Kumas Tekstil offers and processes fabrics made from recycled PET bottles, also to conserve resources.”


As the think tank for innovation, Keyhouse provides insights into future fabrics, new technologies, smart products and processes, sustainable innovations and alternative material resources, offering and inspiring pioneering concepts.


With over 100 major international brands, Bluezone has positioned itself as the initiator of an extraordinary, strong and innovative denim community, organisers say. “The answer to a conscious consumer approach and a growing interest in ready-made solutions that offer revolutionary products, state-of-the-art technological processes and complex functionalities.”

© Munich Fabric Start.© Munich Fabric Start.

Keynotes & seminars

At the upcoming Munich Fabric Start, there will be a premium event programme featuring impressive panel discussions, polarising keynotes and trend seminars by international experts. The Keyhouse in Hall 5 will feature exciting lectures on the various subjects of innovation. The diverse events on offer in the Bluezone area of Hall 7 will provide an in-depth insight into the developments in the denim industry, while the ReSOURCE Forum in K3 in the MOC will offer an equally relevant programme on the topics of sustainability, certification and quality seals.

Here is a brief overview of the panel highlights:

David Shah

David Shah about “The 10 Design Pillars” – Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020, 10.30am – 12pm

The trend forecaster and publisher of Textile View will deliver the keynote “The 10 Design Pillars “. David Shah presents new perspectives on design influences from Slowbilisation to Hopepunk, from Biophilia to Datascapes.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution – Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020, 12pm – 1pm

Ariane Piper gives an insight into Fashion Revolution – how the campaign will revolutionize the fashion industry. The viral campaign “Who made my clothes“ will once again feature in the trend forums as an installation for transparency in the fashion industry.

Expert Panel

Expert panel about “Future of the Textile Value Chain” – Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020, 2pm - 3.30pm

The panel discussion with expert participants on the subject of “Future of the Textile Value Chain“will be moderated by Jana Kern and Alex Vogt from KERN Consulting. The five international experts, including Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, Prof. Dr. Hans H. Jung, David Shah and Jan Wilmking will discuss the disruption and transformation through sustainability and networking in the textile value chain.


Rivet 50‘s 2020 Vision – Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020, 3pm – 4pm

What will the new decade bring for the denim industry and community? Rivet 50 will lead a discussion between some of the world’s most influential denim characters to discuss their predictions for business, technology and fashion.


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