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Patent drive for Lycra FitSense

Company holds in excess of 950 patents with almost 80 granted or filed in 2022 and has expert legal counsel based in Shanghai.

23rd August 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

The Lycra Company is launching an intellectual property enforcement initiative in support of Lycra FitSense technology.

FitSense is an aqueous dispersion of the Lycra brand polymer which can be printed onto fabrics and garments to provide a localised power boost, resulting in shaping and compression benefits. It has been successfully adopted by both manufacturers in China and leading international brands and retailers.

The printable form of Lycra brand technology is supported by a global patent portfolio related to print technologies that modify garments for shaping purposes through altering the stress-strain properties of fabrics. Lycra FitSense technology also has trademark protection.

The technology is used primarily in garments such as shapewear, activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, and leggings, enabling lightweight single-layer printed fabrics to provide benefits normally associated with double layer or heavier fabrics, resulting in fewer materials being used. The technology enables better garment construction through lightweight, targeted support.

“As the benefits of Lycra FitSense technology are significant, we are beginning to see products that are attempting to replicate our offering,” said Vincent Hu, vice president of Asia, apparel, and president of the APAC region. “Given our ownership of the intellectual property for this unique technology, it is appropriate that we exercise our rights to take the necessary legal action to deal with infringers.”

The company owns numerous patents and patent applications related to the use of aqueous polyurethane dispersions covering the composition of matter, production method, application and benefits of this technology.

“This means that producing in, or shipping and/or selling any fabric or garments into China, the USA or other countries where we hold patents over these technologies, is restricted,” said Catherine Spicer, chief legal officer. “We have recently engaged expert legal counsel based in Shanghai to identify infringers of Lycra FitSense technology and we intend to use all available means to deal with those who infringe upon our patents and intellectual property.”

The new intellectual property enforcement initiative builds on previous successful enforcements, most recently in the denim industry in China linked to Lycra dualFX technology. The Lycra Company holds in excess of 950 patents with almost 80 granted or filed in 2022 and treats intellectual property development as a core tenet of its long-term business strategy.

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