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Revolution becomes Nanolayr

New plant equipped with five sonic electrospinning machines.

12th May 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Auckland, New Zealand


Nanofibre manufacturer Revolution Fibres has renamed itself NanoLayr following a large-scale expansion.

The company, founded in 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand, has moved into a new 5,50-square-metre facility equipped with five of its customised sonic electrospinning machines.

A single kilogram of raw material can produce enough nanofibre strands that, when placed end on end, would span from Earth to Venus – 253 million km

“Changing our name to NanoLayr sets a platform for future innovation and the continued manufacture of nanofibre solutions that provide a competitive edge for customers as well as benefiting society,” said CEO Ray Connor. “An increasing number of industries are embracing what nanofibres can do to make products better and stronger, to maximise performance, and establish competitive advantage. We have been a pioneer of advanced nanofibre technology using our proprietary sonic electrospinning process to manufacture nanofibre products, including filter media for N95 and N99 face masks and collagen skincare product ActivLayr.

“Our focus is to maximise the potential of our amazing platform technology – a single kilogram of raw material can produce enough nanofibre strands that, when placed end on end, can span from Earth to Venus – 253 million kilometres.”

The company’s expansion has been in response to global demand for nanofibre solutions across a wide range of sectors, including filter media, skincare, and sound insulation for the construction and furniture industries.  

NanoLayr’s portfolio now includes:

-FilterLayr – a range of air filtration products and systems, from facemasks that meet N95 and N99 standards through to ventilation systems.

-SonoLayr – the world’s thinnest acoustic veils.

-DermaLayr – a premium bioactive nanofibre technology for skincare.

-XantuLayr – composite strengthening nanofibre products.

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