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Supima to introduce digital verification

Platform will prove the provenance and material origin of American-grown Pima cotton fabrics.

5th December 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  USA

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Supima is transitioning its licensing programme to the digital and forensically verified Supima Aqre platform beginning in January 2023.

The licensing programme has been the cornerstone of the Supima organisation for over 40 years and has been essential in highlighting and identifying the products its brand partners produce using American-grown Pima cotton.

At the start of net year, Supima will be implementing the robust Supima Aqre licensing platform that will further enhance the credibility and value of the brand. It will, the organisation says, be a standard-setting industry benchmark for combining digital traceability and transparency with physical authentication, providing an unrivalled level of confidence in both the content and provenance of Supima products.

Going forward, all Supima branded product will be digitally tracked and forensically verified across the supply chain. In partnership with Textile Genesis, Supima will bring digital data connectivity to its licensees through a robust blockchain approach. This platform will provide live, transaction-level transparency for products moving throughout the supply chain.

Unlike any other platform, Supima products will undergo physical authentication. Supima’s partner Oritain will conduct forensic testing to verify the origin of products across the licensing platform. Whether for consumer messaging or origin verification requirements, the forensic validation will provide robust proof of provenance and material origin.

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