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Sustainable protection with Armalith 2.0

Special UHMWPE denim fabric manufactured at a single site in Spain.

21st March 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  France


Armalith 2.0 is the latest fabric from French brand Armalith for protective wear, especially motorcycling, and engineered to combine the mechanical qualities of leather extreme resistance to cuts, traction, tears and abrasion, with the comfort of denim.

It also benefits from a high UV resistance that preserves its mechanical properties and as a single-layer product its resistance is said to be superior to any competing lined products

Armalith 2.0, however, is a true denim that is soft, supple, comfortable, breathable and hydrophilic and can accommodate all conventional denim textures, indigo dyes, prints and finishing at low temperatures.

At the heart of the fabric is a core of up to 50% UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), the fibre also used for space module re-entry ropes, military armour and mooring cables for offshore platforms.

The UHMWPE core is covered with a cotton fibre using an exclusive and patented process, and combined with Lycra dualFX technology for powerful and durable stretch.

The fabric is designed in France and manufactured at a single site – Tejidos Royo in Spain – from spinning and weaving to indigo dyeing and finishing.

UHMWPE fibre requires half the energy to produce compared to aramids and the specific UHMWPE fibre used under the Armalith 2.0 patent is continuous, to ensure no energy-intensive cracking, and untextured, eliminating another energy-intensive process.

In addition, no heavy metals are used in the pigments and the indigo is made using a slow, cold and waterless process.

Armalith 2.0 is resistant to more than a thousand washes without loss of elasticity.

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