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US launch for unique Triple Ou

Special embroidery technique originally developed for kimono belts.

1st February 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan


Kasamori Corporation, a145-year-old Japanese textile manufacturer headquartered in Kiryu, Gunma, has developed unique jewellery based purely on threads but with the appearance of metal, drawing on its many decades of embroidery know-how.

The Sphere Plus 80 collection is being test marketed by the company’s 000 (Triple Ou) brand in the USA this Spring and is characterised by flexibility and unmatchable lightness.

Produced in a wide range of colours, the Sphere Plus necklace features a random chain of small and large balls of thread which can be clasp fastened wherever the wearer chooses.

The 3D threads are neither woven or knitted, but manufactured in a single strings on the embroidery machine.

The thread jewellery can be machine washed and has a protective coating for water and oil repellency and stain resistance.

It is made via an in-house technique – originally developed for kimono belts – involving carefully calculating the thread style and density and programming it while adjusting the state of the threads and the movement of the needles to influence thickness and twist so that the embroidery is finished in three dimensions.

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