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Ventile backs farmers in Egypt

Sustainable cotton relies on biodynamic agricultural techniques.

25th October 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Nile Delta, Egypt

Sports/​Outdoor, Sustainable

Sustainable textile manufacturer Ventile has announced further plans as part of its joint venture with the organic and regenerative farming group, the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA).

In a bid to extend its commitment to sustainable agricultural systems, Ventile has worked with EBDA to identify the first two farms that will benefit from expert training, regulatory guidance and farming materials support as they transition from conventional cotton farming into biodynamic agriculture.

In the upcoming years, Salsol Farm and Ramadan Kamel Farm, both located in the Nile Delta region of Egypt, will undergo the transformation to implement biodynamic farming methods to produce high-quality, ethical and regenerative-grown organic cotton for textile production.

Through training sessions and consultation visits from EBDA agricultural engineers, the textile manufacturer is working directly with the source of cotton production in Egypt. The project has already delivered training workshops on biodynamic agricultural techniques, biodynamic fertilization and pest control to the farmers of the selected farms as part of the first phase of the partnership. 

“After six months of hard work, we are thrilled to finally announce the details of the farms that are receiving our support as they transform into biodynamic cotton farming,” said Ventile brand director, Daniel Odermatt. “Sometimes it’s easy to forget that only 0.04% of the overall cotton produced worldwide is classified as extra-long-staple organic. If we want to keep building towards a more sustainable industry, we must invest in environmentally friendly sources – from the farmers’ wellbeing to maintaining the long-term fertility of soil and minimising the pollution impact.”

“Ventile’s ongoing support allows us to invest in the capacity-building of regenerative agriculture farmers, facilitating the conversion of their land into self-sustaining farms using biodynamic principles,” added  Justus Harm, co-executive director of the EBDA.

To promote farming diversity, alongside organic cotton, Salsol Farm and Ramadan Kamel Farm cultivate a range of crops including rice, beetroot, maize, wheat, artichokes and sunflowers. Since starting the process with EBDA in August 2021 the farms have collectively generated 380.83 carbon credits, produced 390 tons of verified compost and planted 57 trees during the first inspection, validation and verification process, with figures set to rise with the backing of Ventile.

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