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Freudenberg introduces Eco-Check product label

The Eco-Check label aims to help customers quickly and clearly, identify sustainable products.

13th January 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Weinheim, Germany


Freudenberg Performance Materials has begun using the Eco-Check label to identify sustainable products within its portfolio. The label aims to help customers quickly and clearly, identify sustainable products. Freudenberg products bearing the Eco-Check label meet demanding criteria in at least one of four categories: saving resources, eco-efficiency for customers, reduced environmental impact at the end of the product’s life, or extended durability.

“The Eco-Check label quickly and accurately indicates to our customers at a glance that the relevant product offers a significant advantage in terms of environmental protection compared to our standard products or those of our competitors,” explained John McNabb, CTO Freudenberg Performance Materials. 

Four demanding environmental aspects

A Freudenberg product bearing the Eco Check label fulfils at least one of four demanding environmental aspects:

1.Its manufacture saves resources.

2.It improves the manufacturing footprint of our customers.

3.It is recyclable, biodegradable or can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner after use.

4.Certain features contribute to a long service life of the product.

Current examples

Many of Freudenberg’s products bearing the Eco-Check label contain a high proportion of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), derived for example from plastic bottles. In this case, the most important environmental advantage is the reduction in CO2 emissions. Typical examples of products offering this benefit are carpet backings and components for shoes and clothing, including comfortemp materials.

© Freudenberg Performance Materials.

Increased durability, raw material savings and improved eco-efficiency for customers are the main features of numerous Evolon fabrics, which are used by consumers in the form of bed linen, bath towels and reusable cleaning cloths, for example.

The Eco-Check label also demonstrates the significant sustainability advantage of a small number of manufacturing and processing steps for a particular healthcare product: a hydrophilic PU foam with a direct coating of silicone adhesives, which is used in modern wound care.

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