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16th April 2019, Tolland, CT

Gerber MCT Cutter to make European debut

The Gerber MCT Cutter. © Gerber Technology

The Gerber MCT Cutter. © Gerber Technology

The Gerber MCT Cutter will be making its European debut at FESPA, the largest international wide format professional printing exhibition that showcases the latest innovations for digital printing and laser cutting, which takes place in Munich next month.

As the need for on-demand manufacturing increases across an ever-widening array of substrates, producers in the sign and graphic, and packaging industries need a system that offers speed and versatility to meet every request that comes in. In order to remain competitive, companies must offer more material options and quicker turnaround times without diminishing the quality of their product.

Gerber Technology, a specialist in industry-leading software and automation solutions, offers Gerber MCT Cutter, a versatile digital cutting solution that has all the tools, including laser, to complete the most challenging jobs for a wide range of substrates, while increasing productivity and delivering high-quality results, according to the manufacturer. The innovative system is designed to allow users to control target registration, cut file editing and machine production from one, integrated user interface.

Six months after having acquired MCT Digital, Gerber is expanding its MCT digital cutting system worldwide into the sign and graphics, and packaging markets. The highly-integrated system of hardware and software has won a number of accolades in the North America market.

“We are excited to bring such strong innovation in digital finishing to the European sign & graphics and packaging markets and look to build on Gerber’s deep heritage of automated finishing and integrated production software,” said Gerber Technology’s Scott Schinlever, President and COO, Automation Solutions.

Gerber MCT Cutter is equipped with an industry-leading 100w laser for textiles and acrylics, as well as 11 interchangeable tools and an integrated production and vision-guided software, TigerVision.

“We went from doing everything by hand to having a giant digital worker who is very accurate and fast,” said Jonathan Merendlender, founder of Printed Ink (Huntingdon Valley, PA) who has been using a Gerber MCT Cutter since October 2018. “Aside from the obvious benefits of custom shapes, 3D lettering, and fabrication, the CNC router drastically cut down on labour and increased capacity almost instantly.”


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