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Global perspective from EDANA and INDA

Annual growth of 6.2% reflects a buoyant nonwovens market, with China leading growth.

30th September 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Brussels, Belgium & Cary, NC, USA

Medical/Hygiene, Industrial

A new report published by the two leading nonwoven trade associations forecasts strong market demand for nonwovens  in the next five years.

The seventh edition of Global Nonwoven Markets Report, is available for purchase from both INDA, the association of the nonwoven fabrics industry, and EDANA, the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries.

It provides in-depth information and analysis of the global nonwoven macro drivers, supply and demand, and regional trade.

In the historical period of 2010–2020, production increased by 6.2% annually, led by growth in the spunlaid processes and drylaid hydroentanglement.

China led the growth in production, adding an additional 4.7 million tons from  the end of 2010 through to the end of 2020, representing a 11.5% annual growth rate.

Across the nonwoven end use segments, the wipes, filtration and medical segments expanded at the fastest rates, given the industry’s rapid response to provide materials that keep the surfaces we touch clean, protect the air we breathe, and provide a barrier to keep our bodies safe.

“The worldwide nonwovens industry’s prospects are excellent and it remains an exciting industry in which to be involved,” said the report’s co-authors Jacques Prigneaux of EDANA and Brad Kalil, of INDA.

The report includes detailed regional information and forecasts on production, technology and investment requirements for North America, Greater Europe, Asia and the South America region. The report further features regional views of economic growth, population, product by end use, and trade flows.

“As strategic partners, INDA and EDANA are committed to promoting the sustained growth of the nonwovens industry,” said INDA President Dave Rousse. “This report provides the industry’s best estimates on future demand by the key nonwoven segments and it is predicated on sound macro-economic analysis. It is an essential planning resource for all those involved in global strategic planning for nonwovens throughout the supply chain.”

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